How to Improve the Surface Gloss of Food Packaging?

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The appearance and quality of food packaging bags will bring intuitive sensory stimulation to consumers. In order to highlight the brand characteristics and attract the attention of consumers, it is necessary to strictly control the surface color of the packaging bags. This article will bring you the food packaging bag gloss detection method!

1. Importance of food packaging surface gloss bags

The surface of many food packaging bags now has a unique color. If the surface gloss is not high, it will affect the overall aesthetics. The brand logo is dim and cannot be drawn from many similar products. However, if the gloss is too high, it will give a sudden bright feeling, even irritating. The human eye, which causes aversion to consumers. Therefore, the surface gloss of the food packaging bag should be moderate, which can not only show the vivid feeling of color, but also avoid strong mirror reflection. If you want to accurately evaluate the gloss of food packaging bags, you can use a surface gloss meter to test.

2. How to improve the surface gloss of food packaging bags?

For plastic products such as food packaging, the gloss can be improved by adding brighteners. The basic principle is to form a thin film layer on the surface of the product, which greatly improves the smoothness and gloss of the product surface.

food package

For paper packaging products, in the manufacturing process on paper, the problem of surface gloss needs to be considered. In the later printing, high-gloss inks are selected for production.

3. Food packaging gloss test

The gloss of food packaging bags is generally measured with a surface gloss meter. Most surface gloss meters measure the surface reflectance of an object, which is called a specular gloss meter. The measurement results are different depending on the angle of incidence selected during the measurement. The larger the angle of incidence, the greater the specular reflectance and the higher the gloss. That is why high-gloss materials should be measured with a high-gloss measuring instrument at a 20-degree angle; otherwise, the lower the specular reflectance, the lower the gloss. A surface gloss meter with an 85-degree angle should be used. It can be seen that the level of gloss depends not only on the surface characteristics of the object, but also on the measuring angle of the instrument.

surface gloss meter

The 60-degree angle generally used on the market is like LS192, a universal 60-degree surface gloss meter from Linshang Technology. Glossy materials can be tested because the gloss is a relative value. When there is no uniform standard in the applied industry, it can be tested with the LS192 surface gloss meter. If the industry has a uniform standard, it is best to use the same angle of testing.