How is the Water Disinfection Effect of UV LED Lights?

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Ultraviolet light is very effective for disinfecting pathogenic microorganisms in water. The principle of ultraviolet light sterilization is that the maximum absorption wavelength of nucleic acid (DNA) is 254nm. DNA can absorb high-energy ultraviolet radiation, causing dislocation of adjacent bases and forming pyrimidine dimers ( pyrimidine dimer), inhibits or prevents nucleic acid replication and protein expression, leading to apoptosis.
       Foreign scholars have studied the inactivation effect of medium pressure mercury lamp on Cryptosporidium in water. The results show that when the dose of UV light is 19mJ / cm2, the inactivation rate of Cryptosporidium can reach 99.99%; The inactivation efficiency of the "two worms" will be affected due to the sheltering effect. The photo-resurrection phenomenon have limited the use of UV disinfection to a certain extent.
       The research results show that UV LED has the advantages of fast sterilization and high disinfection efficiency. It does not affect the physical properties and chemical composition of water. It also has the advantages of simple operation, easy management and easy automation; but conventional mercury Lamp UV disinfection has large power consumption, short service life, complicated immersion structure and secondary pollution of mercury, which urgently requires a new type of alternative technology. This is the UV LED technology, which is why we have the current UV disinfection lamp.
       After a lot of technical research, it has solved the problems of surface cracks, poor crystal quality, low aluminum composition, inability to achieve short-wavelength luminescence. After breakthroughs in key technologies, it will be possible to research and develop high-quality crack-free crystals. A high-aluminum-based AlInGaN material emits ultraviolet light with a central wavelength of less than 400 nm, thereby preparing a practical ultraviolet light-emitting diode (UV-LED).

UV radiometer puck

Linshang LS128 UV radiometer puck , the spectral range is from 340nm-420nm. The instrument can measure any kind of UV curing light source from 365nm-405nm, the data are accurate and scientific. In addition, LS128 UV radiometer puck has a large range of 0 - 40000 mW/cm2 and can withstand high temperatures of 125 ° C. It can be boiled in 100 ° C boiling water without any impact on the product. The most important thing is that the LS128 UV radiometer puck has a large LCD screen that can display energy, intensity, temperature, time and power curve at the same time. The instrument can be connected to a computer to print a test report. This is currently the only UV radiometer puck with these functions.
       The short-wavelength UV-LED semiconductor lighting disinfection light source has the incomparable advantages of other traditional ultraviolet light sources. It is the best choice to use it for disinfection. The UV LED disinfection module is applied in the field of water purification treatment technology. It has the potential of good disinfection effect and high use value. Its market application prospect is very broad. With the development of technology, the LED light source will definitely replace the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp, so the LS128 UV radiometer puck must be your good assistant.



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