Ultra-safe UV Light Tester

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Among the germicidal lamps, the most common one is 253.7nm germicidal lamp. Many people know that UVC germicidal lamp will cause irreversible damage to people, so in the process of ultraviolet germicidal lamp detection, the test person must be well protected.
       Linshang UV light tester LS126C is designed to test the germicidal lamp. This instrument has Bluetooth function and can be connected to the mobile phone App. It is also equipped with a 1-meter hook tray for easy detection. When inspecting the germicidal lamp, the inspector will not touch the light source at all, ensuring 100% safety. The test person can leave the lamp and view the measured data on the mobile phone App outside the roon. The transmission distance of the Bluetooth can be 50 meters in an open place.

UV light tester

1. Germicidal lamp detection

  1. Set the automatic shutdown time to 10 minutes (1-10 optional).

  2. Put the UV light tester on the hook and turn it on.

  3. Hang the hook 1 meter below the center of the lamp, short press the measure button to start measurement.

  4. Leave the room, turn on the germicidal lamp. Take out the mobile phone to see the data in real time.

  5. After the measurement is completed, turn off the germicidal lamp. 

Linshang ultra-safe UV light tester can record up to 21 sets of data. This instrument has a real-time clock, which can record the real-time time during measurement. It is convenient for testing multiple lamps at a time and tracing which set of data belongs to which lamp.

UV measurement device interface

This LS126C UV light tester belongs to the second generation product. After upgrading, it is more suitable for the actual testing needs and has been used by many medical institutions.