Application of Ultraviolet Detector in Medical Industry

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Is ultraviolet light that has been considered the "most" skin damage treatment for skin diseases? Yes, you heard it right! Ultraviolet rays have been used to treat psoriasis, vitiligo and other skin diseases as early as decades ago. This treatment is called ultraviolet light therapy. In the treatment of skin diseases, ultraviolet phototherapy technology has achieved great success, which has brought huge benefits to patients with skin diseases. However, as a consumable product, the ultraviolet lamp that plays a role in ultraviolet light therapy has a limited service life. After a period of use, it will affect the effect and produce errors. To avoid this error, it is best to use an ultraviolet detector for regular inspection.

ultraviolet detector

1. The necessity of using ultraviolet detector

To understand the necessity, we need to first understand ultraviolet light therapy, which is a physical therapy method that uses ultraviolet light to irradiate human skin to treat skin diseases. The ultraviolet rays used in ultraviolet light therapy are UV-B. Scientific research shows that ultraviolet light with a wavelength of about 310nm has a strong dark spot effect on the skin, which can exert the maximum therapeutic effect of ultraviolet light. It can accelerate the metabolism of the skin and improve the growth of the skin. Photodermatitis such as sexual sun eruption, chronic actinic dermatitis and photo-itch rash. The quality of ultraviolet lamps will affect the effect of phototherapy. Therefore, the country has issued a series of regulations to strictly control the compliance of hardware facilities in the medical industry. Patients provide better services. Once the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp becomes weaker to be in the UVC band, short-wave sterilization ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 200 to 275 nm. Not only can it not cure the disease, it will also cause great harm to the human body. Even short-term exposure will burn the skin. Long-term or high-intensity exposure may even cause skin cancer. importance. If you want to make the best effect of ultraviolet light therapy, this step is absolutely necessary!

2. Choose the right ultraviolet detector

When measuring different wavelength bands of ultraviolet, ultraviolet detectors need to be selected. If you want to accurately detect the UV intensity, you need to choose a suitable ultraviolet detector. Linshang LS125 ultraviolet detector is a good choice. The instrument can be freely matched with nine different probes. And it is very convenient to use and easy to operate. Customers can choose according to the needs of the test.