Ultraviolet Intensity Tester Practical Application

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Speaking of ultraviolet radiation is something that many people are not unfamiliar with. It can be used for disinfection and sterilization as well as UV curing technology. It can be said that it is one of the rays that people depend on for survival. The powerful function of ultraviolet rays is inseparable from its specific wavelength and the intensity radiated by the wavelength. The ultraviolet intensity tester is an instrument used to measure the radiation intensity.

Linshang ultraviolet intensity tester LS125 can be used with a single host with 9 probes. The real-time data collection and monitoring functions of the probe are very powerful and are not susceptible to other external factors. In addition, individual probes with waterproof function can also be measured in water.

ultraviolet intensity tester

The ultraviolet intensity tester is very different from the ultraviolet intensity detection card in actual use. It has stronger accuracy and sensitivity, simple and quick operation. It can display the measurement data intelligently, giving the technician a standard reference.

Generally speaking, the wavelength of ultraviolet rays can be divided into three types, namely near ultraviolet rays UVA, far ultraviolet rays UVB and ultra-short ultraviolet rays UVC. According to their wavelength conditions, they can be applied to different industries. Ultraviolet intensity testers have a wide range of applications in the medical industry, water disinfection industry and paint curing industry.

For the medical and health industry, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is an indispensable sterilization tool. Whether its ultraviolet band will directly affect the incidence of nosocomial infection and the prognosis of patients after surgery. Therefore, the ultraviolet intensity tester is often used to detect the UVGI intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the hospital, so as to replace the lamp with insufficient radiation.

Water disinfection is the use of ultraviolet radiation to transform natural water into usable tap water, which also greatly depends on the huge energy radiated by ultraviolet waves. Under normal circumstances, too low ultraviolet radiation will lead to the incomplete and effective killing of pathogens. It is also often calibrated using an ultraviolet intensity tester.

Paint curing is also commonly referred to as UV curing (UV refers to ultraviolet ray). This technology can quickly cure the paint to ensure the quality of the finished printing and dyeing. In many cases, UV curing can also make the product harden quickly and dry. The commonly used ultraviolet wavelength is generally 365nm. There are also corresponding ultraviolet intensity test instruments available.

The selection of the ultraviolet intensity tester needs to be selected according to the actual measurement. For more detailed information, you can also consult us at sales21@linshangtech.com.