Use Car Paint Thickness Gauge to Test Automobile Thickness

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To jude the quality of the car paint film, we need to consider many factors. It is recommended to use car paint thickness gauge to check whether the car paint thickness reach the standard!

Is the thicker the car paint film, the better? Now many car lovers will be attracted by car appearance at first glance. The entire body line of a high-quality vehicle is very clear and smooth, no matter if it is viewed from the front, rear or side, there are no slight visual defects. The higher the quality of the car, the clearer the light and shadow. There will be no abnormal fluctuations or deformations around the body under the light. Even the mirror image of the surrounding environment reflected by the body is bright. In addition, high-quality car colors are relatively full. This is mainly due to two factors, one is the choice and design of colors and the other is the choice of paint.

For cars, the car paint film can be said to be the most conspicuous. Many customers will fall into a misunderstanding, thinking that the thicker the car paint film, the better. In fact, it is a big mistake. The quality of the car paint film does not entirely depend on the film thickness. The current coating process is becoming more and more advanced. It is no longer an era of pure film thickness. The coating process includes two types: "long process" and "short process". At present, automobile manufacturers mostly use short process. Compared with the long process, the short process steps require less drying, the paint film is thinner. The production process is more environmentally friendly and the quality is better. For car paint film, in addition to the film thickness, there is a more important factor, that is, the adhesion of paint. Once the vehicle loses its adhesion, no matter how thick the paint film is, it is difficult to keep it intact.

How to detect the quality of car paint film?

Every car owner is very concerned about the quality of the car paint film, how to detect the quality of the car paint film is a big problem. There are two main methods for inspecting the quality of car paint films, the most primitive and the simplest of which is visual inspection. However, visual observation is very limited and it will be subject to many interference factors. For example, different observation angles or changes in the surrounding environment will affect the observation results. In order to solve this problem, detection tools came into being. The appearance of the car paint thickness gauge makes the detection more convenient, the measurement accuracy is greatly improved, the detection result is more objective. And it can be quantified, the operation method is also very simple. The car paint thickness gauges have separate type and integrated type. Car owners can choose the right car paint thickness gauge according to their needs.


LS220B Car Paint Thickness Gauge

With the improvement of the technology of car paint thickness gauge, the measurement becomes more and more simple and accurate. If you are a car lover and want to know whether the paint film of your car meets the standard, come and test it with a car paint thickness gauge!