UV Energy Meter Dedicated for High Pressure Mercury Lamp

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Due to the high energy of high-pressure mercury lamps, it is used in indoor and outdoor lighting, curing equipment and other light sources. The UV energy meter can be used to measure the ultraviolet energy value and UVGI intensity.

Modern large shopping malls, gymnasiums, libraries, large clubs and other public buildings rely heavily on artificial lighting. The high-pressure mercury lamp is widely used in various industries as an energy-saving tool for ultraviolet radiation. To detect the ultraviolet energy of the high-pressure mercury lamp, an UV energy meter is generally used for testing.

UV energy meter

High-pressure mercury lamp has the advantages of low cost consumption, long service life and large illumination power. Compared with the ordinary lamp, the high-pressure mercury lamp has a relatively simple internal structure design. It is often coated with a layer of phosphor in the glass mask, which can emit softer and brighter light.

The high-intensity illumination of high-pressure mercury lamps is related to ultraviolet radiation. Due to the wide wavelength band, the wavelength of each ray is different, so the energy emitted by rays of different wavelengths is also very different.

The power of high-pressure mercury lamps varies greatly, between 250W-20KW. If you apply some chemical phosphors to the inner lampshade of the high-pressure mercury lamp, it will significantly enhance its lighting effect.

The high-pressure mercury lamp can be used not only for indoor and outdoor high-intensity lighting, but also as a light source for curing equipment. It can be used in photovoltaic industry, furniture industry and screen printing industry.

When the energy detected by the UV energy meter is too low, the high-pressure mercury lamp is difficult to meet the needs of industrial lighting, which will cause a certain loss in economy and manpower. The illumination intensity (ultraviolet radiation intensity) of high-pressure mercury lamps is often affected by outside temperature, humidity and some objective factors.

The UV intensity of the high-pressure mercury lamp directly affects its lighting effect. In other words, the UV intensity is the key to determine the quality of the high-pressure mercury lamp. The UV energy meter can intuitively measure the energy value of ultraviolet rays.

The LS130 UV energy meter developed and launched by Linshang Technology can display the light source intensity and energy of the high-pressure mercury lamp at the same time. Some basic statistics such as values can also be clearly displayed. This LS130 UV energy meter has a wide measuring spectrum range (315nm-400nm) and can be used to detect the energy of most mercury lamps.



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