UV Light Meter | UV Lamp Application

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Compared with the unpleasant smell of disinfectant and the disadvantages of humid environment and risk of aspiration, ultraviolet germicidal lamps It has the characteristics of high efficiency and convenience.

Ultraviolet rays can inactivate microorganisms. Compared with chemical sterilization, UV has the advantage of high sterilization efficiency, inactivation is usually completed within a few seconds, and does not produce other chemical pollutants.

In the process of coping with the new coronavirus pneumonia, ultraviolet germicidal lamps and UV light meters can be used as important tools for room disinfection. Compared with the unpleasant smell of disinfectant and the disadvantages of humid environment and risk of aspiration, ultraviolet germicidal lamps are highly efficient. Before using the ultraviolet germicidal lamp for disinfection, it is also an essential step to detect the ultraviolet germicidal lamp intensity with an UV light meter.

Not all germicidal lamps can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. First, ultraviolet germicidal lamps will age with the increase of use time. Second, different models of ultraviolet germicidal lamps have different strengths and radiation ranges. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the number of lamps according to the data detected by the UV light meter and replace the lamps in time.

Although the ultraviolet germicidal lamp has a sterilizing effect, the strong sterilization band is 240nm-280nm. The specific anti-virus intensity of the ultraviolet lamp needs to be detected by an UV light meter. And the penetration of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp on the glass is very poor. A layer of 2mm glass can block 80% of the ultraviolet rays; if it is two layers of glass, the ultraviolet rays are completely blocked. And ultraviolet light has obvious shadow effect. Therefore, ultraviolet rays are mostly used for disinfection of flat and smooth surfaces, air, etc.

In addition, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp also produces ozone in the process of generating ultraviolet rays. Ozone and ultraviolet rays have a synergistic sterilization effect, but ozone has a greater harm to the human body. At present, open ultraviolet germicidal lamps mostly use low ozone lamps. When using it, you must use an UV light meter to measure its anti-virus intensity.

UV light meter

The ultraviolet germicidal lamp will gradually decline in intensity with the prolonged use time. The best way is to use the LS126C UV light meter. When the detected lamp is not qualified, it can be replaced in time. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp in use should be monitored every six months. The lamp should be replaced when the lamp intensity is less than 70W / cm2. For the intensity of the new lamp, the normal 30W straight-tube ultraviolet lamp should not be less than 90W / cm2. 30W high-intensity ultraviolet lamps shall not be less than 180W / cm2.

Linshang LS126C UV light meter specializes in measuring UVC ultraviolet intensity, that is, 253.7nm UVC short-wave ultraviolet emitted by low-pressure mercury lamps. It measures the power of UVC radiation energy per unit area.

Linshang LS126C UV light meter uses high-precision UVC filter. The instrument has almost no response except for the UVC band. The instrument uses a professional UV probe, eliminating the influence of other bands to ensure the measurement accuracy. This UV light meter also has mobile phone APP and Bluetooth function. Wireless data monitoring can be achieved within 50 meters. You can avoid being burned by ultraviolet rays when you look at the data on the spot.