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When it comes to ultraviolet sterilization, many people will have ultraviolet lights floating in the hospital. In fact, people's living standards are constantly improving. The requirements for sanitary conditions are becoming higher and higher. Not only the hygiene requirements of the medical industry are strictly required, the general audience also pays close attention to the hygiene of products in the food, cosmetics and drinking water industries. When we choose the appropriate ultraviolet, we need to measure the ultraviolet intensity of UV light meter, in order to find the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

The first thing to mention is that the principle of ultraviolet lamp sterilization and disinfection is to use powerful ultraviolet light, which has powerful energy and can quickly penetrate the shell of pathogens or microorganisms to kill its genetic material inside. In theory, ultraviolet lamps have three types of UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, but the most common type on the market is the UV-C type. Its peak wavelength is 254nm. Different models of UV germicidal lamps have large differences in specific wavelengths. Generally speaking, the UV disinfection requirements in the industrial industry are between 200nm and 400nm. The ultraviolet sterilization lamp selected by the medical and health industry generally has a wavelength between 100 nm and 300 nm. Under normal circumstances, the intensity of the UV lamp is less than 70μW / cm2. This requires the use of a professional UV light meter to detect and distinguish the purpose of different UV lamps.

There are many production industries in China. The disinfection conditions and equipment are complex. Whether it is processing food, producing cosmetics, or manufacturing daily-use washing chemicals, ultraviolet lamps are indispensable. Often, ultraviolet lamps with appropriate wavelengths have higher sterilization efficiency, strong energy and excellent penetrating power. With the above mentioned advantages, the ultraviolet lamps can guarantee the sanitation of products in a short time. When we use a UV light meter for selection, we generally consider the actual disinfection product and select the appropriate wavelength according to its nature. The small differences in nanometer order between ultraviolet wavelengths are often only discernible by UV light meters.

In practical applications, we will easily find that the ultraviolet sterilization lamp or ultraviolet sterilizer will reduce its sterilization efficiency with the use of time. It often takes longer to sterilize the same space area. This is because ultraviolet light gradually ages after a long time of switching and its performance is going downhill. And this is another detection aspect of the UV light meter. Technical workers regularly use UV light meters to detect the wavelength and radiation intensity of ultraviolet lamps. By doing this, they can screen out unqualified or low-intensity lamps to facilitate timely replacement and maintenance. It also has great practical significance for maintaining product hygiene. Therefore, it is very important to choose a high-quality UV light meter.

uvc light meter

The UV light meter of Linshang Technology is independently designed and developed by the company. Its characteristics and advantages are very clear. From the appearance point of view, the small meter is easy to carry and convenient to store. When measuring, the operation method is simple and easy to understand, which is suitable for different people in different industries. The accuracy of its measurement is very high. It can have a comprehensive and perfect reflection on the sterilization of the product. Reasonable and correct use of UV light meter can further improve the accuracy and reliability of the value.