UV Light Source Stability and Uniformity Measurement

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Ultraviolet exposure machine refers to the machine equipment that transfers the image information on the film or other transparent body to the surface coated with photosensitive material by turning on the light to emit UV-A rays. At present, more and more exposure machines on the market use LED light sources. In the exposure process, the stability and uniformity of the UV light source intensity are extremely important.
       Since the stability and uniformity of the exposure machine UV light source intensity is extremely important, the UV dosimeter also needs to have good stability and consistency. Linshang LS131 UV dosimeter is a professional UV measurement device for testing UVALED light source, which is very suitable for the exposure machine industry.

1. Exposure machine UV light source intensity stability measurement

The light source stability refers to the change in the light source intensity under the same detection conditions at the same location in different time periods. Since the light source intensity is related to the position, angle, distance to the light source, etc. detected by the UV dosimeter, a slight change may cause a large change in the data. Therefore, when testing the light source stability, the test conditions before and after the instrument should be completely consistent. The Linshang LS131 UV dosimeter is specially designed for the exposure machine, the detector and the display are on the same side. The shape is rectangular parallelepiped. When testing the exposure machine UV light source stability, you can record the data and start a new test without moving the light source once after the test is completed. So the test condition stay the same to make the measured data more accurate.

2. Exposure machine UV light source intensity uniformity measurement

The exposure machine UV light source uniformity refers to the difference in the light source intensity at the same distance and angle and different positions in a short time. Many UV light sources of the exposure machine are area light sources composed of multiple LED small lamp beads. So it is necessary to test the uniformity of the light source. At this time, the UV dosimeter is required to conveniently record the data of the light source intensity at different positions. It can also reflect the change of the test data at different positions.

UV dosimeter

Linshang LS131 is convenient for reading measured data and also has a power curve. When actually testing the uniformity of the light source, it is generally recommended that the customer select a few points of the exposure machine light source, place the instrument at point 1. After recording the intensity data of point 1, pan to point 2. And then record the intensity of point 2 data. This goes on until all points are measured. In addition to analyzing the changes in light source intensity through recorded data, you can also view the light source power curve to see the change in light source intensity.
       At present, the Chinese produced UV dosimeters, except for the Linshang brand, are modeled after the energy meters that have been discontinued in Germany. They only display energy values alone and can’t view the intensity value of the light source. It is often inconvenient to measure the exposure machine light source stability and uniformity. Therefore, the Linsahng LS131 UV dosimeter is highly recommended