UVC Detector | Can UV lamp disinfect the mask?

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In 2017, researchers at Columbia University Medical Center discovered that 222 nanometers of far ultraviolet rays could kill germs, but they would not harm the human body. Therefore, based on this research, household ultraviolet lamps were developed. Therefore, there is a scientific basis for disinfection and epidemic prevention of ultraviolet lamps, but the question is how much do you need to buy to play a better disinfection? In fact, this problem mainly depends on the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp. Using an UVC detector to detect that the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp does not reach a certain intensity can‘t achieve the anti-virus effect. If the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp is detected by the UVC detector, the anti-virus effect can be achieved by extending the irradiation time or replacing the lamp.
       To achieve effective sterilization and disinfection by ultraviolet rays, it is necessary to meet certain requirements. Generally, deep ultraviolet light in the UVC band below 280nm is required. An UVC detector can be used to detect the specific intensity of the ultraviolet lamp. Normally, each cubic meter of space requires a 1.5W ultraviolet germicidal lamp, so you can choose an ultraviolet lamp with a corresponding power according to the actual situation in your home. When using it at home, try to close the doors and windows, close the curtains, and turn off the indoor lights. Under darker conditions, it is more conducive to ultraviolet rays to play a sterilizing role.

1. So can UV lamps be used to disinfect masks and extend the life of masks?

At present, we have learned that ultraviolet radiation can decompose chemical bonds, causing plastic or other insulating materials to react and then rapidly aging. The medical masks we use contain polypropylene, which can also be aged by ultraviolet radiation. The protective effect of exposure will be discounted or disappear, not only can not extend the service life, but also has a counter-effect. Therefore, if short-term irradiation has a certain disinfection effect, do not irradiate for a long time, it is easy to cause the mask to fail! At the same time, when using an UV lamp to illuminate the mask, you need to use an UVC detector to detect the intensity of the UV lamp tube. It is not possible to be too strong or too weak.

2. UVC detectorfor germicidal lamp intensity test

UVC detector

The ultraviolet germicidal lamp will gradually decline in intensity with the prolonged use time. In addition, it is also a misunderstanding to achieve the effect of disinfection by prolonged exposure. UVC detectors are used for the detection of the ultraviolet germicidal lamps irradiation intensity.
       Not all bands of ultraviolet lamps have good sterilization effect, so the intensity of the sterilization lamp needs to be detected with an UVC detector. The UVC detector is designed for the spectrum of short-wave UVC253.7nm germicidal lamps, so if there is no data to detect the germicidal lamps with the UVC detector, consider whether the wavelength of the UV lamp is correct.



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