Germicidal Lamp Irradiation Intensity Measurement

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Ultraviolet germicidal lamps mainly rely on 253.7nm short-wave ultraviolet radiation to sterilize the object. In addition, some lamps also emit 185nm ultraviolet radiation, which will generate ozone in the air. This lamp has the sterilization effect. Its specific ultraviolet intensity also needs to be dedicated using an UVC detector.

Ultraviolet intensity is the most basic factor that affects the disinfection effect. The UV germicidal lamp in use should be tested with an UVC detector every 3 to 6 months. If the intensity of the lamp is found to be unqualified, it should be replaced in time.

germicidal lamp

1. Lamp radiation intensity measurement

UVC detector

Ultraviolet radiation intensity is the most basic factor that affects the disinfection effect. According to the requirements of the "Disinfection Technical Specification", the radiation intensity of the new ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be greater than 100VW / cm2 (at a distance of 1m). It can be used temporarily after reaching 70 μW / cm², but the irradiation time must be extended.

LS126C UVC detector is used to measure the intensity of UVC light source. It conforms to the disinfection technical specifications of medical institutions and the national standard. 1-meter test ruler hook is recommended. It does not require protective equipment when it is used. It is a portable UVC detector.

The extended irradiation time required for different intensities can be obtained according to the formula of ultraviolet irradiation dose equal to the radiation intensity times the irradiation time. It can also be seen that high intensity, short time or long time can obtain the same sterilization effect.

If the intensity of the ultraviolet light source detected by the UVC detector is lower than 40 μW / cm², then the irradiation time can’t be extended to achieve a satisfactory sterilization effect, that is, it should be stopped. Don't think that as long as the UV lamp is on, it will work.

2. The number of lamps installed

According to the second volume of the "Disinfection Technical Code", 3rd Edition (Hospital Disinfection Code) promulgated by the Ministry of Health, the number of indoor suspended ultraviolet germicidal lamps (30W ultraviolet lamps, the radiation intensity at a vertical 1m is higher than 70μW / c. Intensity of each cubic meter is not less than 1.5W). The lifting height of the germicidal lamp is 1.8 to 2.2m above the ground, so that the human breathing zone is in the effective irradiation range. Continuous irradiation is not less than 30min, the ultraviolet radiation intensity and radiation distance are too high. It affects the sterilization effect. If the object surface is sterilized, the light tube should be 1m away from the irradiated surface for sterilization to be effective. The LS126C UVC detector is widely used in hospitals, disease control centers, pharmaceutical factories, food and drug administrations and other fields. It is used for low-pressure mercury lamp ultraviolet intensity measurement. The intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be easily detected to avoid the phenomenon of invalid sterilization. If you need to test the uv irradiation intensity( UV dose) of the UVC LED light sources, LS125+UVCLED-X0 UVC meter can help you.



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