Difference between Traditional and UV Water Disinfection

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Water is the source of life, and clean and harmless water is really beneficial to the human body. At present, according to the form of our country, there are a variety of water disinfection methods, both physical disinfection methods and chemical disinfection methods. Ultraviolet water disinfection is one of physical disinfection. The specific ultraviolet energy value of water disinfection can be determined with an UVC energy meter. We are very familiar with the traditional water disinfection method, that is, using chlorine gas to pass it into natural water to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. With the development of science and technology, ultraviolet water disinfection has come into people's eyes as a new type of non-polluting environment. Only by using an UVC energy meter can it be judged whether its intensity reaches the standard state.

UVC energy meter

In terms of cost consumption, chlorine gas disinfection has fewer losses and lower investment costs. The scope of action during actual disinfection is wide, so there is not much waste. The ultraviolet disinfection first needs to use an UVC energy meter for intensity measurement and calibration. Then some lamps that decline in ultraviolet need to be replaced in time, which will increase the cost invisible. In terms of environmental protection, chlorine gas is a chemical gas, which is harmful to the human body. In addition, the chemical derivatives produced by chlorine gas and some calcium deposits in water also have certain pathogenicity. The traditional chlorine disinfection is a chemical disinfection method. The ultraviolet water disinfection is a physical disinfection method. The corresponding UVC energy meter is also a physical detection method. For UV disinfection, set the UV lamp irradiation intensity to an appropriate value in advance (need to cooperate with the UVC energy meter), and then irradiate the flowing water body without generating any derivatives, nor destructive to the surrounding environment.

In terms of the efficiency of disinfection and sterilization, traditional water disinfection generally puts the appropriate proportion of chlorine-containing substances in the same water area or introduces a certain amount of chlorine gas. After waiting for a period of time, it will be integrated into the water body. Ultraviolet disinfection is the use of a broad band of ultraviolet radiation. Different wavelengths of radiation have different energy and target different germs. Therefore, the ultraviolet lamp can effectively deal with the microbes and micro-substances prevalent in the water body. And its sterilization efficiency can even reach 99% -99.9%.

From the above three aspects, ultraviolet water disinfection and traditional water disinfection methods are still very different. The ultraviolet water disinfection is always inseparable from the UVC energy meter, which accurately reflects the energy radiated from the ultraviolet and gives people a very standard data reference. Linshang UVC energy meter LS125 with UVCWP-X1 probe is obvious for detecting ultraviolet disinfection lamps, it is waterproof for the accurate detection of ultraviolet radiation intensity.

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