What Effect does Wood Coating Have on Wood Surface Coating?

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1. What is the gloss of wood coatings?

Gloss is the brightness of light when it is reflected on the object surface. It is an important indicator for describing the microstructure and visual characteristics of the material surface. Wooden products with different gloss will have certain visual differences when visually observed. The gloss is not a single simple feeling, but refers to the fact that at a specific angle, the surface has a large amount of regular reflection.
      The gloss measurement of wood and paint film is carried out by a gloss meter, which is expressed as a percentage of the reflected light intensity to the incident light intensity. The gloss parameter is composed of three indexes, that is, the gloss parallel to the wood grain direction and the gloss perpendicular to the wood grain direction and two indexes of the two gloss ratios. These three indicators can effectively and reasonably reflect the change of gloss characteristics before and after the wood finishing.

2. Effect of wood coating on surface gloss

Generally speaking, the gloss of wood is improved after coating with various varnishes. It increases continuously with the increase of the number of paintings. The variation of various gloss parameters of different woods before and after painting is different. And the varnish parameters of polyurethane varnish, nitro lacquer and alkyd varnish with different coating times are basically the same, that is, they increase continuously with the increase of the r paintings numbe.
       In order to accurately evaluate the effect of wood coating on the surface gloss, we can detect it with a professional gloss meter. For the determination of the surface gloss of wood and wood coatings, refer to the national standard "Measurement Method for Gloss of Paint Film on Furniture Surfaces" (GB 4893.6-85). A digital gloss meter was used for the measurement. The geometric conditions for the measurement were 60 ° specular reflection. The incident directions were parallel to the wood texture and perpendicular to the wood texture. Digital gloss meter LS191 can be used for measurement.
       Linshang LS191 digital gloss meter is an instrument produced in accordance with the national inspection regulations JJG 696 standards. The glossiness measurement equipment use long-life light sources with good repeatability, small size, high accuracy, and good stability. Mainly used for measuring the surface gloss of coatings, inks, baking varnishes, wood products, marble, granite, ceramic tiles, plastics, paper, metal and other materials. Intelligent statistical data are consistent with German BYK.
      Digital gloss meter LS191 has a measuring range of 0-200GU, the accuracy reaches the national standard and use a universal measurement angle of 60 °. The biggest feature of this LS191 digital gloss meter is that it can intelligently calculate the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation values during the test. Using this function, you can quickly analyze the uniformity of the gloss of different positions of the same piece of wood.