Where are UV Power Meters Used?

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In life, UV is mainly used in UV sterilization, UV curing and other industries. With the use of UV lamps for a long time, the uv radiation intensity will change, which will affect the effect of sterilization and curing. Therefore, UV power meters came into being.

UV power meter is a professional instrument for detecting the intensity of ultraviolet rays, mainly in the UVA and UVC bands. Of course, welding arc light and physiotherapy lamps to the UVB band. The UV power meter is mainly used in industry and experiments. The industrial aspect is mainly used for monitoring purple radiation, solar radiation monitoring and UV sterilization, graphic arts, UV EPROM erasure, UV intensity of lithographic exposure and energy detection during welding. In the aspect of experiment, the UV power meter is mainly used in the UV light source intensity test of aging test, virus research, microbial genetic research, DNA research and general experiments.

uvc meter
uvc meter

1. UV power meter application

The convenience of using the UV power meter is related to the use of UV itself. UV is widely used in life, such as medical, corporate chemicals, aerospace, sewage treatment and agricultural sterilization. We will use the most relevant medical and health care examples to explain the usefulness of UV power meters in life.

In hospitals, the main tool for sanitation and sterilization is ultraviolet lamps. The quality control and testing of ultraviolet sterilization lamps require the use of UV power meters. Due to the nationally issued ultraviolet standards, there are also differences in the sterilization lamps of different specifications. One monitoring requirement has led to a uniform standard for testing. Different from the traditional irradiator, the UV power meter is not affected by visible light and other rays. It can measure the UV intensity of the outside world independently. Its working principle is mainly to measure the light intensity in fluorescent penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection, so it can achieve high precision and high sensitivity.

Ultraviolet lamps with different radiation intensities have different life spans in the medical industry. The advantages and disadvantages of ultraviolet sterilization lamps deeply affect the sterilization effect and affect the patient's health. The state's control of the medical industry hardware is often very strict, this requires the hospital to conduct regular self-inspection in time and replace the ultraviolet sterilization in time. The UV power meter can monitor the UV radiation in the ward in real time, reminding doctors and patients to replace the UV lamp in time.

2. UV power meter working principle

Ultraviolet rays are not visible to human eyes in daily life. There are many units of ultraviolet intensity, including W / m2.mW / cm2, uW / cm2. Its meaning refers to the power per unit area. That is power density. Generally, the unit of UV power meter used for detection of sterilization lamp is uW / cm2. The unit of UV power meter used in UV curing industry is mW / cm2.

The UV power meter is usually composed of a selenium photocell or a silicon photocell and a microampere meter. The working principle of the UV power meter is: Photocells are photoelectric elements that directly convert light energy into electrical energy. When light hits the surface of the selenium photovoltaic cell, the incident light passes through the metal thin film to reach the interface between the semiconductor selenium layer and the metal thin film. Then a photoelectric effect is generated at the interface. The magnitude of the potential difference has a certain proportional relationship with the illuminance on the light-receiving surface of the photovoltaic cell, so as to obtain the corresponding value.



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