Will the Pigments Affect Paint Film Surface Gloss?

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1. Will the addition of pigments reduce the gloss of the paint film?

The editors collected and found that the addition of pigments has a certain effect on the gloss of the paint film.
       (1) The particle size of the pigment in the paint and the dispersion in the base material will affect the gloss of the paint film. The finer the pigment fineness, the better the dispersion uniformity in the base material, which helps to form a smooth paint film. The influence of the dispersant is very large. If it is a paint, the influence of the dispersant must be considered. After the relevant tests, the same formula, using different dispersants, the gloss value is different. This is because when an improper dispersant is used, the pigment will flocculate and the particles will become coarse, which affects the gloss is inevitable.
       (2) The Yanji ratio in the paint has an influence on the gloss of the paint film. Because the pigment particles in the paint film weaken the specular reflection, the gloss decreases, and the gloss gradually decreases with the increase of the pigment volume concentration (P.V.C).
       (3) When the Yanji ratio is fixed, the greater the oil absorption of the pigment, the lower the gloss.
       (4) The degree of light absorption and reflection of different colors of pigments are different. Because black paint completely absorbs light and white paint completely reflects light, black paint shows higher gloss than white paint.
       In order to accurately determine the effect of the addition of pigments on the gloss of the paint film, we can use the Linshang gloss tester.

gloss tester

2.  Linshang gloss tester detects the paint film gloss

Gloss tester is a widely used gloss measurement instrument, whether it is paint, coating, ink, plastic, paper, ceramic tile, ceramics, stone, metal can be measured. Linshang glossiness measuring instrument has self-checking function after power-on. Each gloss tester will have a standard board and the standard board has a standard value. The Linshang gloss tester will perform a self-test when it is turned on. When it is detected that the standard value of the standard board is not within the qualified range (the qualified range is plus or minus 0.5GU), it will prompt the user to clean the standard board. After cleaning, close the standard plate, the instrument will self-check again. And it will not enter the measurement state until the value of the standard plate is detected within the qualified range. The ordinary gloss tester will automatically calibrate as long as it is turned on or must be manually calibrated when it is turned on. This may cause the standard board to become dirty. Forcibly calibrating to the standard value will affect the measurement result.
       In summary, the addition of pigments will affect the specific gloss of the paint film surface to a certain extent. We can use the Linshang gloss tester to detect the specific gloss of the paint film surface and control the gloss quality of the paint film.