New product UV energy meter to make your measurements more accurate

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After a long period of research and development, Linshang Technology has introduced two new products to meet the needs of different UV energy meters: LS130 for testing the energy and intensity of high-pressure mercury lamps, and LS131 for testing the energy and intensity of UV LED lamps. .

The main difference between the two new products is that the spectral response range is different and the application is different. LS130 ultraviolet energy meter is used in optoelectronic products industry, furniture wood industry, hardware industry, printing silk screen industry. The LS131 UV energy meter is used in UV exposure, UV curing, UV flat panel printing, optical communication and other industries.

Features of the UV energy meter:

  1. LS131 UV energy meter, with wide spectral response, can test 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm and other bands of UV LED light source.

    UV energy meter

  2. LS130 UV energy metercan ensure the detection by Chinese national authorities.

  3. Intelligently detect the power value and energy value, display the power curve, and accurately control the process parameters.

  4. High speed acquisition sampling speed 2000 times/seconds, to ensure more accurate measurement.

  5. Two measurement modes, suitable for a variety of measurement occasions.

  6. Metal shell, high temperature design, can run for a long time in the environment of 100 degrees Celsius.

  7. The instrument built-in large-capacity memory, can record up to 60,000 power data. The front probe design facilitates data reading during measurement.

  8. Equipped with computer software, connect to the computer through the USB interface, can read detailed test data, and print test report.

So far, Linshang Technology has four UV energy meters: LS120, LS128, LS130, and LS131, which are available for customers to choose. As a professional manufacturer of UV energy meters, we welcome you to make more suggestions or requests, we will try our best to meet your measurement needs.



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