• [News]Linshang New Product: Coating Thickness Gauge
    LS220 coating thickness meter is a new product of Linshang Technology,it can be used not only to measure non-magnetic coatings, but also measure non-conductive coatings.It’s based on Hall Effect and Eddy current principle.
  • [News]International Paint Thickness Gauge Manufacturer
    The first paint thickness gauge of Linshang was introduced in 2018. Before the release of the Linshang paint thickness gauge, there were a number of coating thickness gauges on the market.
  • [Cases]How to Use Material Thickness Gauge?
    Common small-range material thickness gauges are used to test the thickness of coatings on metal substrates such as paints, inks, and films. A large range of material thickness gauges can also test ceramic, glass, plastic and other sheet thicknesses.
  • [News]New Product: LS220B Paint Meter for Cars
    Linshang Technology has independently developed and produced a series of painting thickness gauges. Recently, a new paint meter for cars LS220B with Bluetooth data transmission function was launched. It is specially used to test the thickness of automotive paints thickness and generate test reports by recording data from mobile APP.
  • [Technology]Which Brand of Digital Paint Thickness Gauge is Good?
    LS220 digital paint thickness gauge needs no calibration just zero adjustment and the testing speed is very fast.
  • [Technology]Portable Coating Thickness Tester
    The LS220 portable coating thickness tester, also known as the coating thickness gauge, is small in size, powerful in function, simple in operation and high in precision, and is completely consistent with the German Qnix coating thickness gauge data.
  • [Cases]Test Case 1 of High Precision Painting Thickness Meter
    The LS220 high-precision painting thickness meter can be used to test the thickness of the paint on an aluminum plate, and the instrument can automatically switch to the non-ferrous measurement mode. The test response interval is only 0.5s, no calibration is required.
  • [Technology]Powder coating thickness gauge
    The powder coating thickness gauge measures the thickness of the powder coating paint film and can be used to verify the appearance of the paint film formed by the powder coating and whether the corrosion resistance meets the requirements of automotive finishing.
  • [Technology]Wide Application of Painting Thickness Tester
    Painting thickness tester LS223, widely used in electroplating, spraying, pipeline anti-corrosion, aluminum profiles, steel structures, printed circuit boards, and screen printing industries.
  • [Technology]Coating Thickness Gauge Working Principle and Application Field
    Coating thickness gauge working principle mainly has two: Magnetic thickness measurement principle and Eddy current thickness measurement principle. Let's talk about the Coating thickness gauge working principle and application field.
  • [Technology]Paint Measuring Gauge Application Fields
    ​Paint measuring gauges are used in a wide range of applications fields to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metal substrates and to measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metal substrates such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, etc.
  • [Cases]Linshang Coating Thickness Gauge in the used car industry
    The Linshang LS220 Coating Thickness Gauge allows you to quickly identify whether it is an accident car. In 0.5 seconds, you can quickly measure the thickness of the paint.
  • [Cases]How to Measure the Thickness of the Solar Film
    The Linshang mil thickness gauge LS220 can be used to test the thickness of the solar film. In testing, the metric unit μm can be switched to the British unit mil.
  • [Cases]How to Measure Coating Thickness?
    The Linshang coating thickness gauge is basically easy to operate with high precision, fast response, and good stability according to the customers’ feedback.
  • [Cases]How to Choose the Right Mil Gage?
    The mil gage independently developed by Linshang Technology is a dual-purpose mil gage for iron and aluminum.
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