• [News]New product: LS210 Digital Glass Thickness Meter
    LS210 Digital Glass thickness meter
  • [Cases]Low-E Glass and Low-E Detector
  • [News]New Product:LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter
    We have pushed out a new product:LS201 Digital glass thickness meter. It makes use of optical reflection principle to measure the thickness of the glass surface on one side. It is especially applicable for occasions where general measuring tools including scales and vernier calipers are impossible or not easy to measure.
  • [Technology]Some Advantages of Insulating Glass
    Why is the insulating glass(double glazing glass) widely used in building energy-saving industry, there are many advantages you do not know, here we make a summery.
  • [Cases]Method for measuring the thickness of Low-E glass
    Low-E glass is the country's preferred environmentally friendly building material. It not only has good thermal insulation properties, but also has a high visible light transmittance.
  • [Cases]Application of Digital Glass Thickness Meter
  • [Technology]Glass Measuring Instrument for Sales
    Insulating glass has been widely used in many industries. Generally, it is possible to identify whether the insulating glass thickness is up to standard. As for the glass thickness detection, we recommend you to use the Linshang glass measuring instrument.
  • [Technology]Digital Glass Thickness Meter for Better Measurement
    Insulating glass has better thermal insulation properties and also has the effect of reducing cold radiation. Whether it is a double or triple layer insulating glass, the thickness can be easily measured with the digital glass thickness meter LS201.
  • [Technology]Non-Contact and Laser Glass Thickness Meter
    Different glass thickness meters adopt different principles. Today we introduce two different thickness measurement methods for glass thickness meters.
  • [Technology]Portable Glass Thickness Gauge
    Linshang Technology has two portable glass thickness gauges, the LS200 for scale reading and the LS201 for digital reading.
  • [Technology]Application of Tempered Glass Thickness Tester
    ​Linshang Technology tempered glass thickness tester can be used to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of tempered glass. It is your best partner for measuring the thickness of tempered glass. Widely used in major glass manufacturers.
  • [Technology]How to Measure Glass Thickness?
    ​How to Measure Glass Thickness, the LS201 glass thickness gauge can be used. This is a thickness gauge suitable for measuring the installed glass. It is suitable for testing glass thickness such as three-layer insulating glass and laminated glass.
  • [Technology] Device for Glass Thickness Measurement
    The Linshang LS201 glass thickness measuring device is an instrument designed to measure the thickness of glass.
  • [Technology] How to Measure the Insulating Glass Thickness?
  • [Technology]Digital Glass Thickness Meter
    The LS201 digital glass thickness meter uses laser measurement to measure the thickness of the glass on one side of the glass, allowing simultaneous measurement of glass and air thickness.
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