Aluminum Gloss Detection Method

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1. What is the gloss of aluminum?

Aluminum gloss is an important indicator to judge the processing quality of aluminum alloys. Good quality aluminum materials have smooth cuts and high gloss. However, when visually observed, people are easily affected by light, viewing angle and the psychology of the observer. In order to accurately determine the gloss of the aluminum material, it can be measured by a high precision gloss meter. Linshang LS192 high precision gloss meter has wide measurement range with data statistics function. In addition to measuring gloss, it can also save 99 sets of test data and count its maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation values. Through these data we can judge the uniformity of the material surface gloss. The measured gloss by the high precision gloss meter can help the majority of users to accurately determine the surface gloss of aluminum.

2. What is the maximum gloss of aluminum material?

Glossiness is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of an object's surface to reflect light under a set of geometrically specified conditions. If the flatter aluminum surface cuts and the higher the degree of polishing, the surface reflectance will be higher and the surface will be shiny. However, the measurement data has a great relationship with the measurement angle and the standard plate. Different measurement angles and different standard plates are selected. The gloss values we measure are different. The incident angle selected during measurement is different and the measured results are also different. The greater the incident angle, the greater the specular reflectance and the higher the gloss, so it cannot be said how much the gloss of the aluminum material can be.

3. How to measure the gloss of aluminum material?

If you want to measure the gloss of aluminum, you can choose Linshang LS192 high precision gloss meter, which meets the national first-class standard. The gloss meter is divided into a standard gloss meter and a working gloss meter. The working gloss meter is divided into two levels. In the national metrological verification regulations JJG 696-2002 "Specular gloss meters and gloss plates" clearly stipulates the standards of the first-level machine and the second-level machine.

high precision gloss meter

The zero-value error of the Linshang LS192 high-precision gloss meter is 0.1GU; the indication error is 0-100: ± 1.5GU, 100-1000: ± 1.5%; it fully meets the requirements of the first-class working machine. This high precision gloss meter is independently developed and produced by Linshang. It has good consistency, strong stability, high measurement accuracy and large measurement range. It is suitable for detecting high-gloss materials such as metal aluminum materials.



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