Can Fischer-Tropsch Wax Improve Plastic Gloss?

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1. What is Fischer-Tropsch wax?

Fischer-Tropsch wax is a polymer inert substance, with low viscosity, high softening point, high melting point and other characteristics. It is widely used in industrial production. For example, in the injection molding, extrusion and pelletizing industries, Fischer-Tropsch wax contributes to the dispersion of fillers and excellent slip during the production of masterbatch and modified plastics. It can be used as an external lubricant for PVC. Low viscosity can improve the production speed of the product. It can help the dispersion of pigments and fillers during mixing, especially in the extrusion of high viscosity systems. It is better than ordinary PE wax. 40-50% less and can significantly improve the surface gloss of the product.

2. Can Fischer-Tropsch wax improve gloss?

Fischer-Tropsch wax can improve the gloss of injection molded products, but what is the specific degree of gloss? We can detect it with a professional gloss tester. Linshang LS192 gloss tester can be used for the surface gloss test of paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper, tiles, ceramics, stone, metal and electroplated layers. The glossiness measurement range can reach 1000GU. The test data can be comparable to the German BYK gloss tester. The specific detection methods are as follows:

gloss tester

  1. Determining the surface gloss of injection products without Fischer-Tropsch wax

  2. Under the same process conditions, after adding Fischer-Tropsch wax, measuring the surface gloss of the injection molded product

  3. Through comparative analysis, you can evaluate the effect of Fischer-Tropsch wax on the gloss of injection molded products.

  4. It should be noted here that other factors should be avoided to affect the accuracy of the assessment results. Such as the production process, whether to add other raw materials, etc.

3. Linshang LS192 gloss tester features

  1. With temperature compensation and stable values, allowing long-term calibration.

  2. Fast measurement with pressing the Power button

  3. The gloss tester has self-diagnosis function 

  4. Ultra-compact design

  5. The gloss tester displays real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value at the same time

  6. The gloss tester supports USB transmission and comes with operating software, which can be operated online with the computer and complete the test report.

  7. Built-in rechargeable battery. Last for more than 48 hours 

In addition to measuring the specific gloss of injection products, Linshang LS192 gloss tester can also be used to test the surface gloss of paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper, tiles, ceramics, stone, metal and electroplated layers.