Difference between Artificial and Natural Marble

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1. Is the artificial marble shiny?

Artificial marble is usually made of natural marble or granite gravel as filler, cement, gypsum. Unsaturated polyester resin are used as adhesives and are made by stirring molding, grinding and polishing, so artificial marble has many natural marbles. The characteristics of artificial marble, such as artificial marble, can be adjusted manually, so it has a variety of colors, good flexibility, unobvious connection processing. It is colorful, not easy to damage with corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
        Therefore, the surface of artificial marble is also shiny. But artificial marble is manufactured by some people, in order to reduce production costs, some manufacturers may use inferior materials to make, or even add some organic solvents to produce harmful to the human body. " "Poisonous marble", so when choosing stone, users need to distinguish between artificial marble and natural marble.

2. Difference between artificial marble and natural marble

(1) Natural marble

The texture is dense but the hardness is not large, it is easy to process, carve, smooth and polish. After polishing, the marble is smooth and delicate, the texture is natural and smooth. Marble has low water absorption and high durability and can be used for 40-100 years. Natural marble slabs and profiled items are important materials for interior and furniture production.

(2) Artificial marble

Inorganic materials such as natural marble, glass powder, dolomite and calcite are used as powder materials. Mix appropriate amounts of flame retardants and dyes and mix them together to form and solidify porcelain casting, vibration, compression, extrusion and other processes to form artificial marble.
        Artificial stone is artificially researched according to the actual problems in use. It has made great progress in moisture, moisture, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and patchwork. The natural nature of artificial stone is obviously insufficient for the chemical substances. The part is harmful to the human body, the hardness is small. It is afraid of scratching, burning and coloring. Therefore, it is used in cabinets and other places with higher practical requirements. Less emphasis is placed on decorative sills such as window sills and floors.

3. Method for testing artificial marble gloss

Stone gloss is an important criterion for evaluating the quality of stone, which is also used for artificial marbles. The surface gloss of artificial marbles of different qualities may vary greatly. Generally speaking, the composition of the stone (mineral composition and chemical composition) and processing technology have a great influence on the gloss of the stone surface. The better the polishing effect of the stone surface, the higher the gloss. Therefore, we can use the gloss meter to detect the gloss of artificial marble and choose better artificial marble.

marble gloss meter

The LS192 gloss meter can well meet the requirements of artificial marble gloss detection. To accurately measure the "artificial marble gloss", you must use professional glossiness testing equipment. For example, Linshang LS192 gloss meter. The gloss meter use 60-degree gloss measurement angle. Simply place the gloss meter on the surface of the artificial marble during measurement and then pass the light source and receiver opening angle conditions. The reflected light flux and glass mark of the artificial marble in the specular reflection direction. The ratio of the luminous flux of the reflected light in the specular reflection direction is converted into data by electronic calculation and displayed on the liquid crystal display of the instrument.
        In order to help users to carry out testing more conveniently and efficiently, the display interface of Linshang LS192 gloss meter is specially equipped with statistical functions, which can display the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of the test. Users can take advantage of this feature to quickly analyze the uniformity of the artificial marble surface gloss in a very short time and obtain accurate data.



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