Difference between Different Gloss

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In order to ensure the gloss effect of the painted surface, there is a requirement for the paint gloss. Different paint gloss application scenarios are generally different. Gloss detector as high precision glossiness measurement device can be used to measure the paint gloss. The following is a brief introduction for everyone!

1. What is semi-gloss and matte paint?

Glossiness is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of an object to reflect light. Under a certain geometric angle, the same gloss detector is used to measure the glossiness of an object's surface. Paint glossiness is an index used to evaluate the ability of its surface to reflect light. Matte paint gloss should be below 20 GU (60 degrees angle). The gloss of semi-gloss paint should be between 40-60 GU(60 degree angle). The gloss of mercerized paint is between matte and semi-gloss.

gloss detector

The paint gloss can be divided into the following types: ultra-matte, matte, eggshell light (soft light), silk (satin), semi-gloss (semi-matte), high-gloss (bright). The gloss is from low to high and the division is based on the degree of light reflection.

2.  Difference between different gloss

  1. Mercerized paint is a kind of latex paint and solvent-based paints are matte and semi-matte.

  2. The production cost of the mercerizing product is usually high and the content of matte is usually relatively low. 

  3. Mercerizing will be significantly better than matte paint in terms of product performance. 

  4. The painting method of mercerized paint must be spraying method and the matte paint does not matter the spray roller brush.

3. How to measure the gloss of paint?

Different paint glosses will be different due to different application scenarios. If you want to accurately measure the paint gloss, you need to use a precise gloss detector. When using the gloss detector LS191, the instrument can automatically count the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value of multiple position tests. The smaller the standard deviation value, the more uniform of the tested samples paint gloss.
        Using the gloss detector LS191 to test the gloss of paint is only a part of the inspection of the paint film appearance. 



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