Digital Gloss Meter | How to Reduce the Surface Gloss of Materials?

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1. What factors will affect the object surface gloss?

The glossiness of the object surface refers to the strength of the ability to reflect light. The influencing factors of gloss mainly include the following three aspects:

(1) The effect of raw materials on the product surface gloss 

The characteristics of the resin itself have a great influence on the product surface gloss, which is an effective method to control the gloss.

(2) The effect of filler on the plastic surface gloss

Plastic products filled with inorganic fillers can give high rigidity, heat resistance and dimensional stability, reduce production costs. Most inorganic fillers will seriously affect the high gloss of the clinker surface.
       So if you want to reduce the surface gloss of the object, you can start from these aspects. The first is to choose raw materials with lower glossiness and the second is to make the surface rougher by frosting. The third method is to use the matting method of the coating to improve its surface gloss.

2. How to reduce the gloss of PET surface?

Are there matt resins with low gloss in raw materials; do you have matt additives masterbatch for PET; a small amount of regrind or different grade resins are blended; can nucleating agents be used? The specific method is as follows:
● Increase the temperature of the PET processing mold.
● Add some white carbon black powder
● Use less defoaming series of small molecule additives, especially lubricants.
● Add some rubber ingredients, do not use resin materials.

3. How to reduce the paint paint gloss?

The paint gloss can be reduced: an appropriate amount of matting agent can be added to the paint. This always powdery thing, dilute it with thinner and add it to the paint little by little, every time you add it, use a blender to fully mix the paint, and then compare it with the model, remember not to add more once!
       (1) The ability of paint to reflect objects (imaging quality) and the smoothness of the paint surface.
       (2) Paint is a kind of chemical mixture coating that can cover the surface of objects firmly for protection, decoration, signs and other special purposes.

4. Detection method of object surface gloss 

To detect the surface gloss of an object, we generally use a digital gloss meter. The LS191 digital gloss meter is independently developed by Linshang Technology and has independent intellectual property rights and conforms to China National Standard GB / T9754. This  digital gloss meter adopts a 60 ° universal angle to meet the requirements of the first-class working machine in the JJG696 standard.
       The test range of LS191 digital gloss meter is 0-200GU, which is especially suitable for the surface gloss measurement of medium and low gloss type paints, inks, coatings, plastics, leather, ceramics, bamboo products, marble materials and other materials.
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