Does Toner Affect the Plastics Gloss?

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In order to make Plastics products of various color, toner will be added on some Plastics parts. Many users will worry that the addition of toner will affect the Plasticss surface gloss. In order to see  the effect of adding toner on the gloss , we can use a professional gloss checker to detect the surface gloss of Plastics parts before and after adding toner.

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1. Is there any effect on the plastics gloss after adding toner?

Plastics toner can give plastics various colors. When using toner, if the color is not adjusted according to the regulations, it will affect the plastics surface gloss and even the performance will be reduced. Plastics gloss is a characteristic of its surface, which depends on the specular reflection ability of the surface to light. When the light shines on the plastics surface, part of it will be absorbed by the object, part of it will be reflected and scattered and part of it will be refracted. The smaller the plastics surface roughness, the more light is reflected and the higher the gloss. The particle size distribution of toner particles in plastics is one of the important factors that affect the gloss of plastics. If the toner is unevenly distributed or added excessively, it will affect the gloss of the plastics surface.

2. How to evaluate the effect of toner on plastics gloss?

In order to accurately judge the effect of toner on the plastics gloss, we can use gloss checker to detect the plastics glossiness before and after adding toner. Through comparative analysis, we can find a more suitable toner addition ratio and production process to ensure the appearance quality of plastics parts. The purpose of testing the plastics gloss is to check the quality of the products based on data inspection and indicate whether the production conditions are related to the gloss of the material surface. The refractive index of plastics is roughly in the range of 1.4 to 1.6. The gloss is generally in the range of 70 to 110 gloss, but the reflective conditions of transparent Plasticss and translucent plastics are different and cannot be generalized. You can use the 60 ° gloss checker LS191 to measure and evaluate the gloss of plastics and find the the effect of toner on plastics gloss.
       Linshang LS191 gloss checker is a glossiness measuring instrument with a measurement angle of 60 °, suitable for glossiness measurement of building materials, plastics materials, ceramic products, stone products , bamboo, wood products, leather products, etc. It can be used to test the glossiness of plastics, check and evaluate the quality of the products according to the gloss.