Using Gloss detector Measure Paint Gloss

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In the eyes of the public, the most important role of paint is its wide color composition. Often, architectural decoration and home decoration are inseparable from its participation. In fact, in addition to decorative effects, the role of paint also includes protection against rust, moisture and scratches. The gloss detector is used to detect the gloss level (key physical properties) of the paint. Its measurement effect is of great practical significance.

First of all, we have to explain that there are a variety of gloss detectors on the oil market. The main difference can be reflected in the different measurement angles. There are two types of multi-angle detection and single-angle detection. Different measurement angles will make the gloss value deviation.

gloss detector

The types and quality of paint on the market are also divided into different categories and complete models. We consider from the practical operation, the paint is divided according to the glossiness can generally be classified as: high gloss type, medium gloss type, low gloss type. Gloss detector is an important tool to help people distinguish these gloss levels.

Often high-gloss paint has a strong ability to refract light and its decorative performance is outstanding. Using this high-gloss paint brush on furniture or stone bricks will have a strong visual impact. A paint with a relatively high glossiness has strong color saturation ability and gives a good impression. The medium-gloss paint will be more textured. It will have a good protection function when applied to plastics and other materials. On the other hand, this medium-gloss paint will bring a strong sense of layering. The low-gloss paint is also known as matte paint. The paint gloss can be detected by the gloss detector, which is the lowest of the three types. 

It should be noted that the reason why we can use the gloss detector to detect the gloss of different paints. Paints have different internal pigment particle sizes, different light absorption capabilities of colors and different degrees of uniform distribution. When we actually choose paint, the first step is to consider the type of color. The second step is to consider the gloss of the color (whether to match the overall decoration style of the house). The gloss difference caused by the slight difference in this paint, we can use gloss detector to detect the gloss.

Linshang gloss detector LS192 uses a 60-degree incident angle, which can make the measurement results objective and accurate. It is a device specially used to detect the glossiness of different types of paint. The instrument will automatically perform self-calibration and self-test after starting.

Whether it is a paint manufacturer or a painter who purchases paint, it often seeks to be accurate and fast. Linshang gloss detector LS192 can display the maximum value, average value,etc. This gloss detector also provide PC software for data recording.