Gloss Tester | Importance of Paint Gloss

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In our daily life, paint products and paint brushes can be seen everywhere. It can be said that paint has a strong sense of participation in life. For amateurs, the gloss tester can detect the paint gloss more authoritatively. 

Paint is a compound. Its raw materials are inseparable from basic pigments, solvents, additives and other substances. The paint brush is applied to the surface of furniture, pipes, buildings, plastic products and other objects, which can strongly prevent the entry of external dust and moisture. Chemical reactions and product corrosion can also be avoided. In addition, the proper use of paint during decoration can improve the appearance, match the color of the house and also reduce the accidental scratching damage in daily life. The gloss tester is a professional measuring device developed for this property.

gloss tester

The factors that affect the gloss of paint come from many sources. Later use and maintenance are external irresistible factors, we will not discuss it for the time being. The main reason is to use the gloss tester to explore the internal structure reasons and external measurement reasons of paint gloss. Generally speaking, we can discuss from the aspects of the pigment particle size, the solvent used in the paint and the measurement angle of the gloss tester.

The pigment particle size of paint is inversely proportional to its gloss. Often the smaller the particle size of the pigment, that is, the finer the powder, the higher the paint gloss. The larger the pigment particles, the lower the gloss and the worse the stability. In addition, when we use a professional gloss tester to detect, we will also find that the paint with high gloss value, its internal particle distribution is more uniform. Therefore, avoiding excessive dispersion of internal particles is also an important link that cannot be ignored in paint production.

When making paints, we inevitably need to use solvents. The type of solvent used is also a huge knowledge, because some solvents are more or less volatile. The rate of volatilization is too fast or too slow, resulting in insufficient smoothness of the paint film. The uneven paint film will directly affect its actual gloss value, which can be visually detected and presented using a gloss tester.

Gloss tester measurement angle selection is an important factor that affects the test result of paint gloss. Gloss testers on the market will be classified according to the different angles of measurement, 20°, 45°, 60°. Generally speaking, the greater the incident angle when measured with a measuring instrument (gloss tester), the stronger the reflected light.

Linshang LS191 gloss tester has a strong environmental compensation function. Its measurement angle is 60°, which can maintain the stability of measured gloss for a long time. This model is small and exquisite, easy to carry around. This gloss tester also has strong practicality and operability. In addition, the LS191 gloss tester is powerful and can perform intelligent statistics, which is convincing to measure the paint gloss.