Gloss Tester | Why is the Metal Surface Gloss Very High?

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1. Why is the metal surface gloss relatively high?

The metal surface gloss of different materials will be different. If you want to know which kind of metal has good gloss, you need to go through a professional gloss tester to test it.
      (1) Most metals are silver-white because they reflect most of the visible light. This makes them darker than pure white. Some metallic gold and copper cannot reflect blue light, so the luster of gold and copper appears red or yellow. In addition, metals may not reflect high-energy waves, such as ultraviolet rays and x-rays. Light waves penetrate into the metal and are either easily absorbed by the metal or directly through the metal, depending on the type and thickness of the metal. For example, silver is one of the better reflective media for visible light, which is why silver was one of the metals used as mirror materials earlier. 
      (2) The metal surface gloss is an important process parameter. This is mainly caused by the electronic behavior inside the metal. The outermost electrons in the metal atoms are weakly connected to the nucleus. When a large number of metal atoms are aggregated and combined into a block, these outer electrons move freely to produce the sea of electrons that scientists usually call. That is, a large number of negatively charged electrons wander around the positively charged metal cations. This moving sea of electrons is an important part of metals. Therefore, the reason why the metal can be hammered into various shapes without breaking is that because the metal is beaten and deformed. When the electron core in the metal is squeezed to change the position, these electrons can also move to fill the transfer to the electronic core. And those free electrons have good conductivity, which is why the metal has a gloss.

2. Gloss tester detects the metal gloss:

Metal materials have certain gloss measurements. Some metals have very high gloss. If you use a low-range gloss tester to test high-gloss metals, it will exceed the measurement range. Metal gloss is generally high, so you need to choose a large range of metal gloss tester. The metal gloss tester is suitable for the gloss detection of metal substrates such as automobiles, metal plating and metal packaging. The metal gloss tester can accurately measure the metal surface gloss. The metal gloss tester is widely used in the production inspection process because of its convenient and simple operation. Linshang Technology invented two types of gloss testers, which are LS191 and LS192. So which model should be used to test high-gloss metals?
      The measuring angles of the Linshang gloss tester are all universal 60 ° angles. The biggest difference is that the measuring range is different. The measuring range of LS191 is 0-200GU and the measuring range of LS192 is 0-1000GU. 
      The general range of the gloss tester on the market at a 60 ° angle is 0-200GU. It is not enough to measure the high gloss metal range. However, Linshang LS192 gloss tester can meet the testing needs. And the gloss tester has an intelligent statistical function, which can automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation. The uniformity of gloss can be judged by the standard deviation. In addition, it also supports USB data transmission, which can be directly connected to the computer for operation with a data cable and finally print a test report.



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