Glossiness Measurement Methods and Device

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Nowadays, various paint products on the decoration market are dazzling. Consumers' requirements for paint are not only limited to practical level, but also need to be beautiful. The glossiness of the paint has a great influence on the aesthetics of the item. The gloss is one aspect of the visual sense. It will give people the most straightforward feeling like the color. But after all, the human eye has limited recognition. If you want to know the precise gloss data, you still need a glossiness measurement device!

1. Paint gloss classification

According to the gloss of paint, it can be divided into matte, semi-matte and shiny. Matte gloss is below 20GU, semi-matte gloss is between 20-40GU and bright gloss is above 40GU. To accurately determine the type of paint, a glossiness measurement device must be used for measurement. Paints with different glossiness will be used in different decoration occasions. For example, it is difficult to maintain the bright paint, which is generally not used outdoors, but used indoors. It will give people a full and bright color experience. Matte paint that is wear-resistant and has high scratch resistance is generally used in outdoors.

2. Glossiness measurement device

In the decoration, people should pay more attention to the choice of color in addition to the construction quality, space design, furniture placement and other aspects. For example, the color gloss of the wall, the color gloss of the floor, the color gloss of the ceiling and even the surface gloss of various cabinet doors. Color has strong expressiveness and appeal. Some studies have shown that different color brightness will have a psychological impact on people, triggering some other associations. For example, when you see the tender green, you will think of a scene where the grass is broken and the ground is full of life. Moreover, the good choice of color brightness can indeed improve the home environment, enhance the interest of life. For example, some people have solid wood flooring at home. If the gloss of the paint on the floor is good, the ground is as bright as new. At first glance, the entire room looks very clean and beautiful, which makes people feel comfortable. However, if the paint surface gloss is not good.

glossiness measurement device

Want to know how shiny your items are? Glossiness measurement device is here to help you. Gloss meter is an instrument that can measure the glossiness of various materials, such as paint, ink, paper, and ceramic tiles. The measurement is accurate, the operation is simple and the price is fair. It is definitely an artifact for measuring gloss.

3. Glossiness measuring device

The glossiness measurement device is easy to operate. We take Linshang gloss meter LS 191 as an example to demonstrate how to measure the gloss?

  1. Press the button to turn on the instrument

  2. The gloss meter will perform self-test and self-calibration

  3. After passing the self-calibration, place the gloss meter on the tested material. The measured gloss value will be displayed on the interface immediately.

  4. Short press the button to record the measured data.

  5. The gloss meter will count the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation automatically.