How to Detect Optical Film Gloss Using Glossmeter?

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The light film is a layer of transparent plastic film covering the object surface. It can make the appearance of the product more beautiful and shiny. The following describes the method for measuring the optical film gloss. Glossmeter can be used to measure the the optical film gloss.

1. Influencing factors of optical film gloss

  • The roughness of the paper

    In the printing industry, the optical film gloss is closely related to the roughness of the paper. If the paper is rough and highly absorbent, it will cause the optical film gloss to decrease. For this kind of paper, the amount of varnish should be increased to increase the concentration of the varnish, or a layer of glaze primer should be applied before glazing.

  • The quality of the varnish

    In order to ensure that the optical film can be better adsorbed on the paper surface, it is necessary to add varnish. If the quality of the varnish is very poor, then the gloss will be relatively poor.

  • Production process

    In the process of making the optical film, due to low varnish concentration, insufficient coating amount, dry cloth or too low calendering temperature or insufficient calendering pressure, etc., the glossiness of the optical film will be reduced.

2. How to measure the gloss of optical film?

Generally speaking, the optical film gloss refers to the object surface gloss after covering the light film. It is related to the smoothness of the film surface, which can be measured by the ability to reflect light. Gloss is a characteristic of the object surface, which depends on the specular reflection ability of the object surface to light. Glossmeter is a kind of glossiness measuring equipment that specializes in measuring the gloss of the object surface. The glossmeter launched by Linshang can accurately measure the gloss of the light film. Linshang LS191 glossmeter is such a glossiness measuring instrument. This glossmeter use universal 60-degree angle, suitable for most types of light film. (Glossiness is lower than 10GU or higher than 80GU, use a special glossmeter) The parameters of the instrument products meet national standards, high measurement accuracy. The precise parameters can ensure that it passes the authoritative measurement agency testing. Linshang LS191 glossmeter is not only a special glossmeter for the printing and packaging industry, it can also be used to test the surface gloss of stone, ceramics, paint and other surfaces.

More information about LS191 LS191 surface glossmeter

LS191 Surface Gloss Meter
LS191 Surface Gloss Meter

3. LS191 portable glossmeter features

  • Easy operation

    It can be tested after turning on the machine, there is no need to press the “Power” button. The gloss value can be measured by placing the instrument on the material surface and the operation is very simple.

  • High measurement accuracy

    The LS191 glossmeter has high accuracy, which can ensure that it passes the inspection of any Chinese authoritative metrology institute and meets the standards of the national first-class working machine. 

  • Smart statistics

    LS191 glossmeter can automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value. For a multi-point test of a material, you can use the standard deviation value to analyze the gloss uniformity.

  • Power-on self-test function

    The glossmeter has the function of automatically checking the standard board at power-on, which can automatically judge whether the standard board is damaged and give a prompt to avoid inaccurate measurement due to the standard value affected by the standard board.

  • PC software

    The LS191 glossmeter is shipped with PC software from the factory. It can be connected to a computer via USB cable to achieve automatic computer measurement. And test data can be archived to generate test reports.

  • The test data is stable

    There is a LED light source in the glossmeter. The luminous efficiency of the light source will change with the change of temperature, so ordinary glossmeters need to be calibrated before testing. The Linshang glossmeter has a temperature compensation function. In the case of a very large temperature difference, it does not need to be calibrated every time it is turned on and can ensure the stability of the test data. Especially in the northern environment where the temperature difference between the morning and evening is very large, the characteristics are more prominent.

  • Small and easy to carry

    The LS191 glossmeter is small in size and designed with all-aluminum materials. It is very convenient to carry out. 

  • Ultra low power consumption and energy saving

    This glossmeter is powered by a built-in lithium battery, energy-saving with ultra-low power consumption. The continuous uninterrupted test can last more than 50 hours.

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