How to Distinguish Fireproof Paint by Glossiness Detection?

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1. What is the gloss of fireproof paint?

Fire retardant paint refers to paint whose coating is not easy to burn or can delay burning. Fireproof retardant paint contains chlorinated paraffin, chlorinated rubber, chlorinated naphthalene and zinc borate. It can decompose in case of heat and produce non-combustible gas or bubbles, which can play a role of isolation, prevent or delay the combustion and ensure the objects under the coating. It is used for painting warehouses, cabins and cabins.
       Fire retardant paint is coated on the surface of the substrate, in addition to flame retardant, it also has anti-rust, waterproof, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, toughness, coloring, adhesion, easy drying and certain gloss performance.
       The gloss of the paint film is an important indicator for paint. It is difficult to have a precise definition of gloss. Generally speaking, it is the ability of the paint film surface to reflect the light projected thereon to the mirror surface. The greater the amount of reflected light, the higher the gloss. In addition, the ratio of the reflected light intensity and the diffused light intensity of the mirror surface is also an index of gloss. The gloss level is not only determined by the reflectance, but also by this comparison. For example, black paint film and white paint film with the same reflectance.

2. How to distinguish true and false fireproof paint from gloss?

Different fire retardant paints have different surface gloss properties. Through a professional paint gloss measuring instrument, you can measure the surface gloss of fire-resistant paint.
       An important part of home improvement is the choice of paint. The choice of paint will directly affect the effect of our entire home improvement. Low-quality and inferior paints are uneven in gloss, easily yellowing, becoming brittle, cracking and falling off. Using such paints not only wastes high-quality plates, but also wastes economy and manpower.
       The gloss of the paint will be affected by the following factors, through the gloss of the fireproof paint, you can distinguish the true and false of the fireproof paint.

  1. The color of the fire retardant coating is not uniform, resulting in different surface shades.

  2. Uneven grinding of the pigment, and poor wettability of the paint.


  • The paint should be fully stirred before use to make the distribution of heavy pigments even. The materials mixed on the same day should be used as much as possible on the same day.

  • The construction unit is required to determine the construction flow plan at the planning stage and strengthen the monitoring during construction.

  • Before applying the next coat of paint, the surface unevenness caused by dripping or other reasons must be treated. Components painted with different passes are marked with different colors to prevent missing or overcoating.

To test the glossiness of fire-resistant paints, you can use the gloss measuring instrument. There are many gloss measuring instruments on the market, "Linshang Technology" gloss tester is a famous one. The gloss measuring instrument LS191 is one of the very representative ones. Compared with other gloss testers, Linshang gloss tester LS191 does not require any extra operations during testing. Just place the instrument on the furniture material and the test data will be displayed. This gloss measuring instrument has a counting function to record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value. The smaller the standard deviation value, the more uniform the gloss of the furniture surface. Relying on the test ability of the gloss tester LS191, the work efficiency of many construction workers has been greatly improved.



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