Marble Gloss Meter | Marble Gloss Maintenance and Test

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Nowadays, the use of marble as a material for home floor decoration has become the choice of more and more people. Marble has the characteristics of high brightness, rich and diverse patterns. It can make the whole house look full of modern style. And it looks extra warm and comfortable.
      However, the maintenance of the marble is also extremely particular, requiring regular maintenance, otherwise the stone surface will become rough and the most important gloss will also decline. So, how to maintain the marble gloss? In response to this problem, this article will start to explain, to help you understand the knowledge of marble gloss, in order to do a good job of maintaining marble in real life.

1. How to maintain marble gloss?

Due to the porous nature, marble is easily attacked by sewage and dirt in daily use, thereby reducing gloss. Therefore, for the maintenance of marble gloss, we usually need to wipe with a cloth moistened with a small amount of water and a mild detergent when cleaning. Then use a clean dry cloth to wipe off the moisture on the marble and remove the stains.
      If there are a few slight stains, you need to add a little acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar to the water, which can cover up the scratches and restore the marble gloss. However, since acidic substances can easily corrode marble, it is best to stay on the marble for no more than 2 minutes and wipe with a dry cloth as soon as possible. There are also special marble care agents available now, which can greatly ensure that marble is not damaged by the structure, remove stains and scratches.
      With the passage of time, the marble gloss will also decrease, so the wax can be waxed every 1-2 years, which is equivalent to putting a protective film on the marble to make the gloss more durable. There are also professionals who will recrystallize the marble, that is, the structure of the marble surface layer reacts with the heat during friction to produce a blended crystalline layer to improve the degree of wear resistance.

2. How to judge the marble gloss?

The marble gloss will be affected by factors such as its internal chemical composition, texture, particles and hardness. In general, the natural marble gloss can reach 80 degrees, but the same variety of marble will also show different values in terms of gloss, so now the marble slab standard has graded the gloss value, respectively 90 degrees, 80 degrees and 60 degrees. The gloss of the highest quality marble is 90 degrees.
      However, we cannot accurately judge the level of marble gloss by the naked eye alone. For those who value the taste of home life, they must be pursuing the finest marble, so they must use relevant precision marble gloss meters to measure. Linshang LS191 marble gloss meter is such a precise instrument, which can realize automatic measurement and automatic statistics without tedious operation.
      As an important reference index for measuring the quality of marble, gloss is worthy of our attention. Especially in the modern society, we pay more and more attention to the taste of life. Learning to maintain and choose the best marble is more important.



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