Marble Gloss Meter | Satin Marble

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1. What is marble gloss?

Gloss-refers specifically to the reflection of visible light on the marble surface. According to the characteristics of different stones, the gloss is divided into three grades: "good (above 80 GU), general (70-80 GU) and poor (below 70 GU).
       At the same time, it should be noted that different objects have different gloss requirements. Granite and marble are usually polished, the average gloss of marble is 80 GU, granite is above 90 GU. Different maintenance is required to maintain its gloss. The matte surface is a low degree of polishing (about 10-40 GU), which produces diffuse reflection, no gloss, no mirror effect and no light pollution.

2. What is satin marble?

Satin marble and soft marble are actually named after the brick effect, which is actually a kind of glazed marble. Satin marble is developed on the basis of soft marble, but the glaze effect of satin marble is lower than that of soft marble. Generally speaking, the gloss of soft marble is controlled at 25-55 GU, while the natural gloss of satin marble surface is generally 8-18 GU.

3. Marble gloss detection method

Linshang LS192 marble gloss meter

Linshang LS192 marble gloss meter

For the gloss test of marble, you can use Linshang marble gloss meter LS192. The marble gloss meter LS192 is an intelligent glossiness measuring instrument, which is not only versatile, but also very simple to use. In addition, it has an intelligent statistical function, which can calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value in the test data. The smaller the difference, the more uniform the marble surface. The marble gloss meter LS192 also supports USB data transmission and can be directly connected to a computer to print a test report.