Metallic Paint Gloss Measurement and Features

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As a kind of decorative material, paint used in different places has different glossiness. Compared with ordinary paint and metal paint, the metallic paint surface will be significantly harder, because the metal paint is doped with metal components, so the hardness of the paint has been greatly improved. The paint surface will also naturally change. It has to be harder than the surface of ordinary paint. Metallic paint is usually used to paint the surface of the car, the harder paint on the car surface can reflect the overall layering of the car body, making the whole car look more three-dimensional and shiny.

paint gloss meter measure car surface
paint gloss meter measure car surface

Without adding metal powder paint, the hardness of the paint surface will be relatively soft. The paint surface of the car will easily peel off when the car is hit by flying stones when driving at high speed. Maybe the car will be scratched when exposed to external force during normal parking. The specific gloss value of the car surface can also be measured by the paint gloss meter LS192.

The biggest difference between metallic paint and plain paint is that the color of the metallic paint surface is more pure. The most typical colors of plain paint are black and white. If silver powder is added to the plain paint, the color will change a lot. For example, if silver powder is added to the black plain paint, the original black will become charcoal black and the red will become wine red. This change is unacceptable to many consumers.

At the same time, the metal paint is mixed with metal powder in the paint, which can make the surface of the painted sheet look glossy. Moreover, the panels painted by the metallic paint make the appearance of the entire car look richer under different angles, due to the refraction of light. The light will cause obvious changes in the color of the car body and the contour of the car body.

At the same time, the gloss measurement of metallic paint is also one of its qualified inspection standard. If the gloss of metallic paint does not meet the standard, it will seriously affect the use and overall appearance after painting. The paint gloss meter can accurately measure the gloss value of metallic paint. It can also control the specific gloss value and overall quality of metallic paint to a certain extent. 

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Linshang LS192 paint gloss meter is an instrument produced in accordance with the Chinese “National Verification Regulation JJG 696 standard”. It uses a long-life light source, with good repeatability. The gloss detector has small size, high precision and good stability. The specific gloss value of metallic paint can be measured accurately, quickly and without trace.