Mica Powder Affect Plastic Products Gloss

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1. The effect of mica powder on gloss

Mica powder is a monoclinic crystal, the crystal is scaly, with silk luster (white mica is glass luster), pure block is gray, purple rose, white, etc., diameter to thickness ratio> 80, specific gravity 2.6-2.7, hardness 2- 3. It is flexible with good abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance; heat-resistant insulation, difficult to dissolve in acid and alkali solutions, stable chemical properties. Mica powder is widely used in plastics and other fields. Compared with glass fiber, mica has the characteristics of smooth surface, no warpage and deformation. It can improve the mechanical properties, heat resistance, insulation and chemical stability of products; It also expands the field of plastic applications and increases the added value of mica ore powder.

2. How to detect the effect of mica powder on gloss?

Taking plastic products as an example, we can use Linshang glossmeter to detect the surface gloss of plastic products using mica powder filler and unused plastic products. The specific detection steps are as follows:

  1. Prepare samples of plastic using mica powder filler and samples without using mica powder filler. It should be ensured that the production conditions of the two are basically the same, the only difference is the mica powder.

  2. Use Linshang glossmeter to test the gloss of the two products. Choose the same Linshang glossmeter, keep the same measurement angle and compare the glossiness of the two.

  3. Data analysis. After multiple measurements, the average gloss of the two is taken to compare the effect of mica powder on the gloss of plastic products.

3. Linshang gloss meter

Linshang Technology is a Chinese national gloss meter brand. Since its inception in 2008, the company has insisted on independent design, research, development, production and sales of various measuring instruments. It is popular with consumers for its good quality and high cost performance. It also provide thoughtful after-sales service. The LSI92 glossmeter developed by Linshang Technology is the company's star product.

gloss meter

Linshang LS192 gloss meter is a high-precision, small gloss meter manufactured in accordance with the ISO-2813 standard, which is suitable for the specular gloss measurement of paint, ink, plastic, stone, floor, wooden furniture surface measuring. It is a glossmeter produced in accordance with the National Verification Regulation JJG 696-2002 "Specular Gloss Meter and Gloss Plates". All indicators meet the requirements of the first-class working machine in the measurement verification regulations. Therefore, using the Linshang glossmeter can easily and quickly detect the effect of mica powder on the gloss of plastic products and can also control the specific gloss of plastic products.



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