Paint Gloss Meter | How to Make High Gloss Paint?

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1. How to make high gloss paint?

① Acrylate type: There are styrene-acrylic emulsion and acrylate (modified) emulsion, suitable for primer and matte finish. The coating made of this kind of base material has relatively low cost, general hardness. It is not easy to produce shrinkage cavities. But the film forming performance is poor and the gloss is poor, so it is not suitable for high gloss paint.
        ② Polyurethane dispersion: including aromatic and aliphatic polyurethane dispersions, the latter has excellent yellowing resistance and is more suitable for outdoor. They have good film-forming properties, high self-crosslinking gloss, good wear resistance, and are not prone to bubbles and shrinkage. But the hardness is average and the price is more expensive. It is suitable for making bright topcoat and floor paint.
        ③ Acrylic modified polyurethane dispersion: including a mixture of aromatic, aliphatic polyurethane and acrylate dispersion, which has the advantages of the above two types. The cost is relatively moderate. The paint can be self-crosslinking or can be used in two-component system , suitable for bright matt paint, primer, outdoor paint, etc .;
        The high-gloss white paint can be mixed with the primary color and the phosphor when it is mixed, plus a gray or other dull color as a supplementary blend. Another important point is the proportion of water added. If there is too much water, it will become relatively thin. Better still is the ratio of 1: 5.
        If the furniture white paint is toned, you can directly use the color paste to adjust the color. If it is a single component, directly mix with the diluent, mix according to your own process to add the amount of dilution, feel good brush. At the end, construction can only be carried out. If it is two-component, add curing agent, the general ratio of curing agent and paint is 1 to 2.

2. Difference between high-gloss paint and bright paint:

High gloss paint is a kind of bright paint, which covers low brightness to high brightness.
        (1) High-gloss paint is a kind of high-end interior decoration wall paint, which is specially used to decorate indoor cement walls, masonry, gypsum, ceiling, wooden structure and other surfaces.
        (2) In the decoration process, the high gloss processing is much more complicated.
        (3) Pay special attention to the touched parts when applying high-gloss paint. Try not to use high-gloss paint in the parts that may be touched frequently, such as thighs, arms, waists, etc.

3. Paint gloss detection by paint gloss meter

The gloss in the paint is divided into matte, semi-matte and shiny. The general detection method is to use a paint gloss meter. When the paint gloss meter LS191 is tested, the instrument can automatically count the maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation value of multiple position tests. The smaller the standard deviation value, the more uniform of the sample gloss.
        Using the paint gloss meter LS191 to test the gloss of paint is only a part of the paint film appearance inspection. Other tests are also very important, especially paint used indoors. 



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