Understanding Gloss Unit and Paint Gloss Meter

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To detect the surface gloss of an object, a paint gloss meter can be used. Many customers who use a paint gloss meter are asking what is the gloss unit? We usually say that the length is in units of meters, centimeters and the weight is in kilograms and grams. What is the unit of gloss as an indicator of the work piece surface gloss?

According to the description of "JJG696-2002 Specular Gloss Meter and Gloss Plate", "Specular gloss is a relative measurement of gloss, with reference to black glass with refractive index nD=1.567, assuming that its plane is ideally polished, the natural light beam is specular-reflected by this plane. The gloss value at this time is defined as 100.0 gloss units. The symbol of the specular gloss is Gs (θ), the unit is the gloss unit, where θ is the measured light. The angle of incidence, such as: 60 °. Therefore, the international convention symbol is GU, which is the acronym for the gloss unit.

According to the Japanese Industrial JIS standard, the gloss unit can be written as a percent sign, such as 40 GU gloss can be written as 40%, or directly expressed as a number. In China, generally we will hear how much gloss is detected by a paint gloss meter. This statement is not wrong, because "gloss" is the same as "temperature, angle" unit, because there is a word "degree". Therefore, the Chinese are accustomed to call how many degrees of gloss. For example, the value detected by the paint gloss meter is 50 degrees, we can understand that the gloss is 50Gu or 50%.

In industrial production, when writing the gloss value, it is generally necessary to add an angle label. 

paint gloss meter
paint gloss meter

A lot of paint gloss meters have been launched on the market. Linshang paint gloss meter LS191 is one of the very representative ones. Compared with other paint gloss meters, Linshang paint gloss meter LS191 does not require pressing buttons or any extra operations during testing. Just put the paint gloss meter on the material and the test data will be immediately. The paint gloss meter has a counting function that can record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value. The smaller the standard deviation, the more uniform the gloss on the object surface. Relying on the test ability of the paint gloss meter LS191, the work efficiency of many construction workers has been greatly improved.

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