PVC Plastic Floor Glossiness Measurement

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1. What is the gloss of PVC plastic floor?

PVC plastic is a widely used plastic material. Stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, colorants, reinforcing agents and other additives are often added in actual use. As a result, the surface gloss of PVC plastic floors will be different. In order to detect the gloss of PVC plastic floors, professional gloss meters are often used to detect.

2. PVC floor gloss measurement method and gloss meter selection

Gloss is a surface characteristic of PVC plastic floors, which depends on the ability of the PVC plastic floor to reflect light. Glossiness is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of a material's surface to reflect light under a set of geometrically specified conditions. It expresses the reflective properties with direction selection. According to the characteristics of gloss, gloss can be divided into several categories. We usually say that gloss refers to "specular gloss". The measurement of gloss is a relative measurement of specular gloss. It uses black glass with a refractive index nD = 1.567. With reference to the standard, it is assumed that the plane is specular-reflected by the natural beam under the ideal polished state. The gloss value at this time is defined as 100.0 gloss units.

To test the glossiness of PVC floors, we can use the Linshang gloss meter. The gloss meter is mentioned in the industry. The familiar brand is the German BYK glossmeter. We have to say that the German BYK is successful. It is very famous among the similar gloss meters. Therefore, the price is not cheap, ranging from more than 10,000 to more than 30,000 or 40,000 RMB. The instrument itself comes with multiple functions, even in more than ten languages. It is still relatively complicated to operate and there are only a few functions actually used.

gloss meter

Now Linshang Technology has launched a gloss meter LS192, the first instrument that dare to compare with the German BYK gloss meter. Why do we say so, because:

  1. Auto measurement mode and manual measurement mode.

  2. Real-time measurement.

  3. Simultaneously display real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value.

  4. Ultra-small design, take with you wherever you go.

  5. The number of storage groups can be set up to 99 groups.

  6. Conforms to the standards of the Chinese National Metrology Verification Regulation JJG 696 first-class gloss meter.

  7. Connect to the computer and generate professional reports in real time.

Using the gloss meter LS192, you can easily and quickly detect the specific gloss of PVC flooring. And you can control the quality of PVC flooring during the production of PVC flooring.