Specular Gloss Meter | How to Improve Metal Surface Gloss?

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1. What is metal gloss?

Metallic gloss refers to the gloss reflectance R> 0.25. At the same time, metallic luster is also a kind of mineral luster. Some sulfide and oxide minerals such as pyrite, galena, mirror iron ore, etc. have metallic luster. Metallic lustrous minerals are opaque minerals and are rarely used as precious stones. Metallic luster refers to the luster reflected by the polished surface of a metal and the luster presented by a smooth metal smooth surface. The light reflection is extremely strong, which is parallel to the non-metallic luster and semi-metallic luster.

2. How to improve the metallic gloss?

Metallic paint refers to the addition of metal powder to the paint, so that the painted objects look like a kind of metallic luster, making people look full-textured. It is currently widely used in car painting.

Fine metal particles were added to the metallic paint. After painting, it will make people look like a metallic sparkle, with a very visual sense. At the same time, metal paint can increase the hardness of the paint film, making the surface of the car difficult to scratch. The metal paint also has a certain ultraviolet protection effect, which can effectively slow down the discoloration of the paint. Therefore, the metal paint can avoid scratches, peeling and discoloration. 

Stainless steel matt treatment technology means that the processed products reach a uniform silver-white color, consistent with the color of stainless steel itself. This generally refers to the production of large-scale stainless steel products, the large-scale stainless steel parts are processed by coiling, stamping, folding and welding. The processed workpiece surface has welds, oil stains, rust, yellow spots, etc., which is not beautiful and easy to rust.

According to the complexity of stainless steel products and the requirements of users, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods can be used to achieve mirror gloss.

3. How to detect metal gloss?

The metal materials gloss have certain requirements. Some metals have very high gloss. If you use a low-range specular gloss meter to test high-gloss metals, it will exceed the measurement range. Linshang Technology has invented two specular gloss meters, respectively LS191 and LS192, so which model should be used for testing high-gloss metals?


The measuring angles of the Linshang specular gloss meter are all universal 60 ° angles. The biggest difference is that the measuring range is different. The measuring range of LS191 is 0-200GU and the measuring range of LS192 is 0-1000GU. 
       The general range of the specular gloss meter on the market at a 60 ° angle is 0-200GU. It is not enough to measure the high gloss metal range. However, Linshang LS192 specular gloss meter can meet the testing needs. And the specular gloss meter has an intelligent statistical function, which can automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value in the test data set. The uniformity of gloss can be judged by the standard deviation value. In addition, LS192 specular gloss meter also supports USB data transmission, which can be directly connected to the computer for operation with a data cable and finally the test report can be printed out.



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