Surface Gloss Meter Explore Metal Furniture Advantages

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1. Surface gloss meter application

Surface gloss meter is an instrument that people use to measure the glossiness of the object surface. Its main features are high accuracy and small measurement error. The displayed data is powerfully persuasive. Generally speaking, the measurement of surface gloss meter has wide applicability. It is the most common glossiness detection instrument in the field of metal, automobile maintenance and stone.


LS192 Gloss MeterMeasure Furniture Gloss

2. The concept of metal furniture

Metal furniture is a diametrically opposed concept to traditional wooden furniture. Common wooden furniture on the market is susceptible to corrosion and moldy conditions can also occur on rainy days. In comparison, metal furniture not only perfectly avoids these problems, but also has a strong metallic luster (gloss value is measured by a surface gloss meter). The decorative effect is extremely strong.
        Generally speaking, the most common metal furniture is steel-wood furniture, stainless steel furniture and all-aluminum furniture. They can be said to combine traditional technology and mechanical technology to save wood materials from the level of automation, minimize costs and improve the overall quality of the furniture.

3. The advantages of metal furniture

(1) Environmental protection

Since the main materials of metal furniture are steel and copper. They contain relatively little wood, the overall coefficient of environmental protection is high. In addition, the modern production technology of metal furniture can maximize the cutting and use of wood raw materials, which can greatly improve its utilization rate.

(2) Excellent decoration performance

The surface of the metal furniture has a high gloss and looks shiny, giving a clean and spotless feeling. In addition, the strong luster of metal furniture can create an elegant and high-end atmosphere and is often used in hotel halls or clubs. It can be said that metal furniture has a strong decorative performance. Everyone's aesthetic point of view and decoration concept are different, the gloss of the metal furniture selected is also different. At this time, it is often necessary to use a professional surface gloss meter to detect.

(3) Fire and anti-magnetic

Wood is a kind of furniture material that is very easy to catch fire. But for metal furniture, it can withstand higher temperature combustion and achieve effective fire prevention. Steel-wood furniture can also be effectively anti-magnetic. It can be completely immune to interference when placed in some places with strong magnetic fields. However, in daily life, it is necessary to pay attention to not splashing acid and alkali products on the surface of metal furniture, which is easy to cause chemical reactions and cause corrosion.

4.  Choice of surface gloss meter

We should all know that the surface gloss meter is indispensable in measuring the gloss of metal furniture. It can accurately measure the gloss value and give it to furniture manufacturing. When people choose metal furniture, they will value whether its surface gloss can match their own decoration style. So they’ll choose a large number of surface gloss meters that is conducive to the measurement and comparison of various models. It should be noted that a surface gloss meter with a small error range, high accuracy and a simple measurement method should be selected as much as possible. 



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