Features of Matte Paper and Gloss Detection Method

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1. What is matte paper?

The so-called matte paper is relative to the polished paper. Its surface has a certain rough feeling. When the light is irradiated on the surface of the matte paper, diffuse reflection will occur. Matte paper has a very good printing effect on the inside pages of color books. The surface of matte paper is very smooth. The gloss of the paper will increase. When the paper is relatively rough, the gloss is slightly increased with the increase of smoothness. And the matte paper coating degree is grasped before this critical point, so that the paper's flatness is very good and the gloss is relatively small.

matte paper

2. Features of matte paper

Matte is a non-glossy surface. Light pollution can be avoided and maintenance is more convenient. The matte surface is a bit hairy, like the surface of frosted glass.
      (1) In terms of feeling: matte gives us a softer feeling and is more intimate;
      (2) In terms of chroma and brightness: matte colors will be relatively lighter and darker; highlight colors will be darker and brightness will be much higher.
      (3) In terms of touch, matte warmth will be stronger; highlights will be colder.

3. What is the gloss of matte paper?

Generally speaking, the matte gloss is below 20GU, the semi-matte gloss is between 20-40GU. The bright gloss is above 40GU. The specific gloss of matte paper can be measured using the Linshang LS192 gloss metre.
      For the gloss measurement of matte paper, a general gloss metre with an angle of 60 degrees is generally used. In the measurement process, the size and uniformity of gloss are two important indicators that matte paper needs to pay attention to. The instrument has statistical functions, maximum, minimum, average and standard. Deviation values will be displayed on the interface after measurement.

4. Gloss metrefor matte paper

gloss metre

One of the indispensable steps after the gloss of paper prints is the gloss test. After the gloss of paper prints is processed in various ways, is the gloss acceptable? At this time, a gloss metre must be used. Linshang LS192 gloss metre is the best choice for measuring the gloss of printed paper, especially matte paper. In addition, whether it is rough sketch paper or smooth cover paper, it can be easily measured using the LS192 gloss metre. The LS192 gloss metre uses a 60-degree measurement angle. It is a general-purpose instrument with a large measurement range of 0-1000GU. Multi-point measurement will calculate the maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation and real-time values in real time. The smaller the standard deviation, the more uniform the matte paper surface.



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