What Are the Factors Affecting the UV Sterilization Effect?

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Humans have a long history of research on ultraviolet rays. Since the first ultraviolet germicidal lamp was invented, ultraviolet sterilization has been widely used in various industries, including air sterilization, water treatment sterilization and sterilization of surface. Ultraviolet sterilization is to prevent microbial reproduction and self-replication by destroying the structure of microbial DNA and finally achieve the purpose of sterilization.

There are two main factors that affect the effect of UV sterilization: the intensity of UV light and the dose of UV radiation.

1. How does UV intensity affect the sterilization effect?

When the intensity of UV radiation is strong enough, the inactivated microorganisms will not be revived. But if the UV radiation intensity is too low, the inactivated microorganisms appearing under UV radiation can be repaired by the assistance of light. Therefore, when sterilizing, it should be ensured that the intensity of ultraviolet radiation reaches the standard that needs to kill microorganisms.
        Due to the phenomenon of irradiation intensity attenuation during the use of the ultraviolet lamp tube, it is necessary to periodically use a professional uvc detector to detect the ultraviolet irradiation intensity of the lamp tube.

2. How does the UV affect the sterilization effect?

The ultraviolet radiation is equal to the intensity of the ultraviolet light on the object surface multiplied by the duration of the irradiation. Some researchers have done many experiments, using ultraviolet rays that meet the standard of irradiation intensity to irradiate multiple groups of culture medium in which bacteria are placed and cultured in a greenhouse and observe the results for 48 hours. In the end, it was concluded that as the duration of irradiation increased, the survival rate of bacteria continued to decline.

uvc detector

Compared with traditional sterilization technology, ultraviolet sterilization technology is more environmentally friendly. At present, it has been used more and more in various industries. In the past, the common sterilization technology of chlorine and bleaching powder is gradually being replaced. Of course, as described in this article, the germicidal effect of ultraviolet rays will also be affected by two major factors. Therefore, in the large occasions where ultraviolet sterilization is used, such an ultraviolet irradiator is equipped to ensure the sterilization effect.

Linshang uvc detector use high-precision filters and professional sensors. It has data statistics and Bluetooth data transmission functions, which can help the user monitors the radiation intensity change of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in real time and ensures the sterilizing effect.