Application and Features of Vacuum Coating Thickness Measuring System

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A new generation of online, non-contact coating thickness gauge. It is a combination of light source, photoelectric detection and computer industry control technology to achieve online thickness measurement. Inspection, such as roll vacuum coating, glass coating, glass production line, etc. It has the characteristics of non-contact measurement, no damage to the surface of the object, no environmental pollution, strong anti-interference ability, high accuracy, fast data collection and full processing functions.

1. Application example of vacuum coating thickness measuring system

For light-transmitting materials, the transmittance and the coating thickness of the measurement material are in a certain proportional relationship. The purpose of measuring the material thickness is achieved by measuring the optical transmission of the material. Industries such as winding vacuum coating, glass coating, glass production line, the coating thickness can be calculated in this way. Linshang Technology vacuum coating thickness measuring system LS152 is just such a device for measuring the transmittance (optical density) of materials.

2. Features of vacuum coating thickness measuring system

vacuum coating thickness measuring system

(1) Non-destructive measurement: The test material is in the middle of the detector and the light source and the non-contact measurement method is used;
       (2) Large-screen human-machine interface: online real-time measurement monitoring, digital display, automatic alarm, production process control adjustment.
       (3) High-performance chip: fast sampling speed, high precision and stable performance.
       (4) Real-time communication: dual RS485 interfaces can realize PCL, PC host computer real-time communication and control automation.
       (5) Flexible: The light source band and test points can be customized according to customer requirements; the size of the test host is customized by the size of the customer's coating equipment.
       To sum up the above characteristics and actual conditions, the vacuum coating thickness measuring system LS152 has been favored by major coating manufacturers in China due to its stability and flexible applicability.



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