Aluminum Metal Gloss Control Method

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1. Is the gloss of aluminum different?

Generally, the surface of pure aluminum has a unique gloss. However, due to the difference in aluminum content and processing technology, the surface gloss of different aluminum materials can vary greatly. In general, in order to prevent oxidation of aluminum, a film is plated on the surface. The surface may be plated with palladium and rhodium, which will be brighter.

2. How to check the gloss of aluminum?

In the processing of aluminum, the flatness of the cutting and the coating process will affect the surface gloss of the aluminum. In order to guarantee the gloss quality of the same style of aluminum, we can detect it with a professional gloss meter. When measuring the gloss of metals, you need to pay attention to whether the metal gloss is high or low. If the metal has low gloss, we can use an ordinary gloss meter. If it is a high gloss metal, we shall use a gloss meter with wide measurement range.

aluminum profiles

The glossiness of aluminum refers to the gloss reflected by the polished surface of the aluminum material. Like the smooth and mirror surface, the gloss and reflection is extremely strong. The appearance and gloss of aluminum is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of many customers. Therefore, it is necessary to control the gloss of aluminum. It is recommended to use the LS192 gloss meter to control the surface gloss of aluminum.

3. Operation method of LS192 gloss meter

gloss meter

The instrument has only one power button. Press the power button to turn on the device. After the device is turned on, you will be prompted to perform the calibration. If necessary, press the power button. If not, do not press it. (Generally, it is not recommended to calibrate). The interface can display real-time value, current record value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation value and number of tests and statistics. After the test is completed, simply close the instrument to the base of the standard board and it will automatically shut down.
        No need to press the button during measurement. Just put the instrument on the tested material, the test data will be displayed immediately. Press the power button to record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, average and average difference. Linshang LS192 gloss meter also has temperature compensation function. No matter what kind of temperature environment, Linshang gloss meter can ensure the stability of the instrument, making the measurement results stable and reliable.



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