Difference between UV Energy Meter and UV Radiometer

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1. UV energy meter

UV energy meter, also known as UV integrator, UV power puck, etc., is used to measure the UV energy value of different light sources. It is mainly used for the energy of UV drying devices and equipment in low purification space. The application range is as follows: UV ultraviolet dryer, manual exposure machine, semi-automatic exposure machine, fully automatic exposure machine, etc. The UV energy meter is especially used on printing machines to ensure the ideal quality control during printing and drying.

UV energy meters

Different UV energy meters have different spectral response ranges. The peak spectrum of the UV energy meter on the market is generally 365nm, that is, it can only be used to detect the high-pressure mercury lamp for curing and drying. It cannot be used to detect the LED lamp. A UV energy meter with a spectral response range of 340-420 nm can be used to detect LED light sources.

Linshang LS130 UV energy meter can be used in optoelectronic products industry, furniture wood industry, hardware industry, printing and silk screen industry. The LS131 UV energy meter is used in UV exposure, UV curing, UV flat printing, optical communications and other industries. Linshang Technology has four types of UV energy meters: LS120, LS128, LS130 and LS131.

2. UV radiometer

UV radiometer is also called ultraviolet intensity meter, UV intensity meter, UV light meter. Its spectral range is also 250-410 nm. It is suitable for ultraviolet light source, integrated circuit lithography, photochemistry, polymer material aging, coating, ultraviolet irradiance measurement in precision devices, optical communication and other fields can detect germicidal lamps and UV curing lamps. However, one drawback is that, for example, some closed test boxes have limitations in testing with a UV intensity meter.
        Linshang Technology has recently upgraded its multi-channel UV radiometer LS125. For some customers' workplaces, where both UV curing lamps and UV germicidal lamps need to be monitored, LS125 UV radiometer can meet a variety of needs. 

3. Advantages of the multi-channel UV radiometer LS125

● 9 different UV probes can be switched freely and the application area is wider.

● The digital probe, the host automatically recognizes the probe. Intelligently determine the probe model. If there is a failure, you only need to send the probe back. It is not necessary to send the whole instrument back, which is convenient for packaging and saves shipping costs.

● All probes can display the energy value, which solves the problem of customers who need to test the energy value outside the UVA band.

● The data statistics function will automatically record the maximum value, real-time value, minimum value and average value, which is beneficial to customers for data analysis.

● The display unit can be switched. The power units of the three probes UVA, UVALED, UVALED-X1 can be switched between mw / cm2 and w / m2. The power units of the other six probes can be uw / cm2, mw / cm2, w / m2. After the power unit is switched, the energy unit will be switched automatically. (More information about UV power measurement units)
All in all, the detection value of the UV energy meter is the cumulative energy value of a period of time. The UV intensity meter detects the energy value at a certain period of time. This is the fundamental difference.