UV Light Meter Calibration and Verification Procedures

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With the increasing number of global UV light meter brands, for the UV light calibration, there have been multiple standards coexisting in the world. Therefore, this article mainly introduces the users of UV light meter calibration and the status of verification procedures.

Different ultraviolet rays have different functions, and ultraviolet lamps have been widely used in the world. For example, in hospital sterilization, UVC ultraviolet rays play an important role. In various UV glues and UV ink industries, UVA ultraviolet rays play an important role in curing.
Measuring the irradiance of ultraviolet light at various wavelengths requires the use of an UV light meter, but there will be some deviation in the data of UV light meter, which is related to the stored environment, using frequency and many other influencing factors..

Therefore, the UV light meter needs to be periodically sent to the ultraviolet ray meter manufacturer for calibration or send to the autoritative institute of metrology for verification.

multi-probe UV light meters
multi-probe UV light meters

UV light meter calibration and verification requires the use of spectroradiometers, standard UV light meter and ultraviolet light sources to store and reproduce UV radiation metrics. However, the above standards were established in 1989. With the increase of ultraviolet irradiance meter categories, this standard can no longer meet the traceability requirements of the industry for UV light meters. Many standards coexist or even have no standards in the UV light meter industry, which has caused problems for the majority of users of ultraviolet irradiance meters. At present, there are no international standards for LED light sources. Linshang UVA LED ultraviolet irradiance meter and UVC LED UV light meters are designed to test the LED light sources.

UV light meters designed to test high pressure mercury lamps, halgon lamps, iron lamps have certain standards. Linshang UV light meters promise to pass the inspection of China Institute of Metrology.

We recommend that users confirm the UV light meter calibration requirements before purchasing the instrument. If the manufacturer provides long-term calibration services, even if there is a difference in data between brands, it is negligible because in the UV industry, the consistency and stability of instrument data is paramount.  

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