The Difference between Gloss Meters

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There are many gloss meter manufacturers on the market, the prices are different. If you take time to know more about each gloss meter, you will find the following differences between the gloss meters.

1. Is the standard board well protected?

Under normal circumstances, the price is lower, the gloss meter is not designed reasonably, and the standard board is a single piece of glass. Although it is equipped with an outer box protection, it requires an extra standard outer box for each use, which is very inconvenient to use. The well-known BYK gloss meter, the standard board is inside the base, it is very convenient to use.

2. Is it necessary to calibrate before each test?

Many gloss meter must be calibrated each time, but the meter cannot distinguish the cleanliness of the standard board. This is likely to force the unclean standard plate gloss value to a standard value. Referring to the standard value of the error, the value that is tested later will definitely not be accurate. BYK and LS192 gloss meter need to be calibrated, and they will determine the cleanliness of the standard board and prompt you to clean the board.

Gloss meter

3. Whether the gloss meteris easy to operate?

The ease of operation of the instrument is often the most important factor for the user. The BYK gloss meter has only one wheel button and is very convenient when selecting the menu. Gloss meter also has only one button, which can be used to display the gloss data after being turned on and placed on the surface of the object to be tested. And the instrument has a statistical function, which can directly display the MAX, MIN, STDEV and Average, and the operation is very simple.

4. Accuracy and consistency of the gloss meter

A good gloss meter must have accurate data and ensure consistent test results. No matter how the appearance changes, the accuracy and consistency of the data is the quality that an instrument must have.