EIT UV Power Puck

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EIT UV power puck are widely used in UV industry, with user selectable sample rates, it can be used for conveyor lines or slower lines in curing industry. UV power puck can test UV energy and UV power value simultaneously of the UV light source. Next we will introduce the parameters of EIT UV Power Puck ii.

UV energy meter spectral response curve

1. EIT UV power puck ii can collect for up to 4 bands. And display the power and energy value in mW/cm2 and mJ/cm2. The four bandwidths is UVA(320-390nm),UVB(280-320nm),UVC(250-260nm) and UVV(395-445nm)
      2. EIT UV power puck can display a graph illustrating the collected UV irradiance and energy for each UV bands. And data is express in mW/cm2 vs.time.
      3. The user can store the value in the UV power puck as a base line or reference value. Then compare that value to another. It will display both value and indicate the percentage of change.
    Linshang also has four UV energy meter that rival this EIT UV power puck ii. And we have great confidence that the accuracy and stability of the instrument is as good as EIT UV power puck.
    If you want to know how to select UV energy meter, you can contact our sales person at sales21@linshangtech.com.