Difference between Linshang and BYK Gloss Meter

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Linshang technology as a famous manufacturer in China has independtly developed two gloss meters.
    Linshang LS192
gloss meter has small size and high accuracy. The data is consistent with BYK gloss meter. Today, we will introduce some differences between these two gloss meters:
1. Standard board

The standard version of many gloss meters is a single one. However, the standard board of Linshang gloss meter is on the base and provide thoughtful instrument calibration and standard board protection.

192 gloss meter

2. Operation

    The BYK gloss meter has a pulley that is convenient when selecting a menu. The LS192 gloss meter has only one button, but it has a statistical function on the screen, which directly displays the maximum value, minimum value, mean square error and average value.
3.  Accuracy and consistency 
    The data of Linshang gloss meter is the consistent with BYK gloss meter.Regardless of  the function and appearance , the gloss meter with accurate test and high cost performance is your best choice.



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