How to Choose A Gloss Unit?

Time:2019/06/27 09:11:00 Browse:736

The state has stipulated the gloss standard of architectural materials such as marble. Gloss unit is a professional instrument used to detect the marble gloss.

What factors should we consider when we choose a gloss unit?

First, technical conditions

Repeatability and reproducibility are very important factors. The Linshang gloss unit meet all the national first-class working machine standards.

191 gloss unit

Second, measurement method and function

The Linshang marble gloss unit LS191 has data statistics function, which can count the number of tests, the average value, the maximum value, the minimum value, the mean square error value and the real-time value. It is important

to distinguish the uniformity of marble gloss for multi-point testing. The meter can also be connected to the PC software -upper and lower limits of the meter can be set.   

After reading all this, you must have your own thought about selecting a suitable gloss unit. Any other questions, our senior engineer Anita Liu would also like to help you!



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